A Consumer Speaks at NAIS Listening Session

I am a consumer, and I speak for myself. The fact that I am here at all should be an indication to you that the truth is dawning at last on the general population. It has been a gradual awakening, to be sure. For many years your department has been trying to force NAIS on us. What part of “NO” don’t you understand? Yes, the eyes of the public are being pried open by the undeniable, inescapable truth…

USDA is Getting Blasted at Listening Sessions

The USDA listening sessions on their animal ID system, NAIS, have been overwhelmingly filled with people making comments AGAINST any form of mandatory NAIS.

Grass Based Farmer from Michigan Starts Anti-NAIS Petition Campaign

Mike Murphy needs your help. He fears that NAIS, the USDA”s National Animal ID System will be forced upon America’s farmers unless a massive resistance is apparent to our legislators. Mike is a grass based farmer, and a veteran. Unless you want every farm animal wearing microchip “dog tags” and under federal surveillance, and their […]

NAIS Cost Burdens Small Farms Unfairly

Small Farms and The Environment Will Bear the Cost of NAIS In a statement released to the press on Tuesday, Past President and current Board member of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, Taaron Meikle says that NAIS , the USDA’s National Animal ID System is being implemented to benefit Confined Animal Feeding Operations at the […]

Judith McGeary on The Problem with NAIS

photo credit: The Patriot 1776 The Real Impacts of the National Animal Identification System on Our Food Supply – and How You Can Make a Difference Swine flu, salmonella poisonings, massive recalls.  With all of the threats to our food supply and health, a nationwide program to safeguard livestock probably sounds good to a lot […]