How Dare the Rabble Lobby!

In September 2008, our famous California Governor vetoed the California Raw milk bill SB 201. He sent a letter to the State Senate which practically scolded the proponents of the bill…

Farm Bureau in Maryland Decides to Thwart Farmers Efforts

On ABC News this morning, the story on the outrage over AIG giving 165 million dollars in bonuses to its executives, Lawrence Summers, Director of the National Economic Counsel, was quoted as saying “We are a nation of law…The Government can’t just abrogate a private contract.” Will someone please tell the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene that?

FDA Inconsistent on Food Safety Issues

How can FDA be so concerned about food safety when it comes to raw milk, but give mercury in fish a complete pass? Asks a blog reader…

Small Dairies in Maryland Need Life Support

Delegate J.B. Jennings (R-7), is a former dairy farm worker who now has a seat in the Maryland state legislature. He may be the right man, in the right place, to save his state’s embattled small dairy farms.

Vote for Raw Milk Bill on

The FDA Safety Cowboys are circling their wagons, the raw milk posse is bearing down on them, and they need to shore up their defense, whoops, I mean defend their offense…hey guys, you don’t need to jump in the river, just surrender!