Cloistered Nuns Speak out for Raw Dairy

Last year a nunnery on one of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State had several instances where their dairy’s pathogen tests came back positive. Being Catholic, I was quite excited to know that these nuns were running a small raw dairy…

Stimulus Package Launches Socialized Medicine

A blog reader drew this to my attention. The stimulus bill which is some 1100 pages long has a sneak attack on our health system. Shades of NAIS, the stimulus sets up a federally run data bank

Vaccine Sincerity Video Booted Off of You Tube

Does anyone know what a “terms of use” violation means on YouTube? After receiving over 12,000 hits as of Monday night, the video of the “sincerity test for religious beliefs was booted off of YouTube. Does anyone know where else Rita Palma might get the video posted?

We Got Some INK!

The Woodstock Sentinel Review ran an opinion editorial that I wrote in reference to the Michael Schmidt trial. Michael is an honest, reputable farmer who is being treated like a criminal…

And the Award Goes To….New York State

HARTKE IS ONLINE Presents Our First George Orwell Award to
New York State…