Apologists for Pink Slime Just Don’t Get It Says Cookbook Author

The meat industry, bought into fat phobia. Disrespect for the vital role of animal fats in the diet led to disgusting pink slime additive.

Sloppy Science Slimes Eggs

To debunk the news flash that egg yolks are bad for you, requires a careful look at scientists and their methodology.

Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival, August 20, 2012

Do you want freedom to consume the foods of your choice, or to even set up a lemonade stand in the front yard? Sound off in today’s Weekend Gourmet blog carnival.

Michigan Invasive Swine Species Order Leaves Farm Families in Legal Limbo, on Verge of Financial Ruin

We don’t got no Michigan invasive swine, we’ve just got an invasive government bureaucracy being led around by the nose by Agribusiness.

More Food than Cowshares Threatened by Wyoming Department of Agriculture

A broad spectrum of local foods are being threatened by a rule change initiated by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.