Why I am Resisting the State of Minnesota’s Campaign Against Raw Dairy

So many brave people are standing up to government, it is starting to look like a pacifist revolt. Here is a great speech by another mom.

Why I support Minnesota Farmer Alvin Schlangen

An unhappy mom defends Alvin Schlangen in a speech at the Minneapolis support rally for the right to direct trade with local farms.

Factory Farms Behind Pig Genocide in Michigan

Farmers are being asked to destroy their own livelihood by committing pig genocide in Michigan. Outrageous!

Raw Milk Freedom Issue Aired on Fox News in New York City

This is a very good week for media coverage of food freedom issue. Here is a lengthy segment that aired on Fox News in NYC! Thanks to all the WAPF chapter leaders who made this happen! Claudia Keel and Jill Cruz for their cooperation with their local Fox affiliate, and, Kristin Canty who helped provide […]

Minnesota Farm Buying Club Under Assault by Overzealous Regulators

Both farmers and families who participate in supporting a Minnesota Farm Buying Club are being called criminals by the state. Can you say “food police”?