Will Michael Schmidt Have to Die, So That the Rest Of Us Can Live?

Canadian farmer, Michael Schmidt is on a hunger strike. He will die if government officials refuse to meet with him. Let’s help him get that meeting!

Grassfed Ranchers Restore the Bison and Renew the Soil

Our Heroes of Sustainable Agriculture, the Northstar Bison Ranch preserves the natural diet and habitat of the mighty bison they raise.

S 510 Opponent Wins Activist Award at Sustainable Agriculture Conference

Sustainable agriculturalists recognize the valiant effort of one farmer citizen to derail the food safety “modernization” act, which is such a threat to mixed use and small farms.

Interview with Mark McAfee, Raw Dairy Farmer

For those of you who haven’t yet met raw dairyman, Mark McAfee, here is a fantastic video that will show you the passion and drive this man has for his product and his customer.

Holiday Open House

A great idea for a local food event is to host a holiday open house and pot luck. A guest speaker sweetens the pot and will draw a big crowd.