My second Opinion Editorial Hits the Canadian paper! Check it out! We all need to stand up for farmers rights, I do that with pen and ink (or should I say, computer and ink cartridge!) I am organizing a letters to the editor campaign, so please send your letters to the Canadian papers to […]

Express Yourself!

Thanks to Amy of, here’s a simple petition in support of getting BST (growth hormone) Milk out of our nations’ schools: USDA SCHOOL MILK COMMENT Tweet

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture is a Spiritual Duty

Today, I am a guest blogger for a Christian Homemaking blog in Canada. A Jewish artist’s work illustrates my article on why our faith should inform our buying habits when it comes to filling the family table. Many well meaning believers of various faiths are shunning meat altogether, without realizing that their beef against the […]

Emancipation Proclamation

A great article by the famous Virginia sustainable farmer, Joel Salatin, has just appeared in a new magazine, Flavor. Visit their site at Click on This Issue and Look for Emancipating Local Food.

Freedom & Liberty for American Farmers

Yesterday, I attended a Freedom and Liberty Seminar in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It was unlike any political event I have ever attended before. Instead of the usual rah, rah hype, I saw two politicians talking about restoring personal freedom and liberty to the small family farm