A Lifestyle Cure for Diabetes?

Channel 9 News will air tonight a health news story about a German pharmacist who has developed a successful program to treat diabetes. His program, called Balance, involves lifestyle changes (diet and exercise) not drugs.

Soaring Drug Prices Make Natural Health Sensible

I heard on the radio news last week about the prices of 26 pharmaceutical drugs going up 100% last year. During the last month, two people told me they were stuck in their jobs that they wanted to leave, because the jobs provided health insurance. Health insurance and drug coverage and co-pays, mask to us the huge and rising price of drugs.

A Weight Loss Testimonial

A Life Unburdened by Richard Morris, chronicles one man’s return to his ancestral diet, and the subsquent loss of 150 lbs. This eye opening story leads one to believe that modernity with all its convenience foods and fast food, has really played a big role in the obesity epidemic.

In Case You Don’t Think Big Pharma is Running the Show

A year ago, I read this insightful series by an investigative journalist that details how pharmaceutical companies are defining disease to serve their own ends. Someone who goes to bed well can wake up “suddenly sick” when the threshold for qualifying for a drug is lowered.

Shocking Truth About Big Pharma

The Pharmaceutical Industry wants your children, even your unborn children! After defining the average (normal) cholesterol reading as disease, now everyone in America is a potential customer for statin drugs, even our children and unborn children!