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Wise Traditions Brings a World of Nutrition Information to Atlanta!

Will the deep south go in for deep nutrition? Let’s get those southern belles and gents on board for nutritious food and farming that heals the earth!

Yoga Expert to Hold Seminar in Metro DC

Adam Omkara is an awesome guy. He believes in health and wellness. He lives it full speed. As a blogger, he shows up and covers important events for the local food movement. He practices and preaches, he is fully committed. Next weekend he is offering a seminar on his Six Pillars of Health System. A […]

NY Times Reports ADHD Medications Overprescribed To Children

Prescriptions for ADHD medications have risen by 53% in the last decade. Now this is starting to cause alarm, even among doctors. Is there a better way?

Win a Ticket to Take Back Your Health!

Enter the Blog Post Short Essay Contest by Kimberly Hartke Robin Shirley and I want to see you at Take Back Your Health conference in Herndon, Virginia. It will be a most exciting adventure into alternative health, nutrition and wellness! We dreamed up a contest that will be easy for you to enter. It is […]

Take Back Your Health

One young woman is guiding the world toward health and healing. Make the trip to Take Back Your Health and find your way…

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