My Prescription for Health Care Reform

One blogger wants you to take personal responsibility for your health, and stop looking to the government, corporations and doctors.

Grandma’s Story Shows Senior Citizens Can Beat Arthritis, Lose Weight

90 Year Old Grandma Returns to her Traditional Diet Loses 10 lbs and Arthritis Pain By Guest Blogger, Caitlin Weeks, In a time where all we hear about is obesity and disease in seniors, I wanted to share an uplifting story about longevity due to a whole foods diet. My Grandma who just celebrated […]

Medical Doctor Says Try Non-Toxic Alternatives Before Conventional Medicine

One U.S. doctor proposes non-toxic alternative medicine should be tried first, before pharma drugs and other conventional strategies.

Teenager Beats Asthma, Allergies with a Traditional Diet

Many young people suffer with asthma, allergies. Here is a remarkable young man who overcame these health issues with dietary changes.

Fourfold Path to Healing Conference Coming to Baltimore

A popular healing conference is heading to Baltimore next month, join me and Sally Fallon Morell for a powerful learning experience you will never forget!