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Washington Post Front Page News!

The top political newspaper in the country, the one that influences world leaders, corporate leaders and government leaders has just published a great article on the growing influence of the Weston A. Price Foundation and its dietary principles.

Emancipation Proclamation

A great article by the famous Virginia sustainable farmer, Joel Salatin, has just appeared in a new magazine, Flavor. Visit their site at www.flavormags.com. Click on This Issue and Look for Emancipating Local Food.

Freedom & Liberty for American Farmers

Yesterday, I attended a Freedom and Liberty Seminar in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It was unlike any political event I have ever attended before. Instead of the usual rah, rah hype, I saw two politicians talking about restoring personal freedom and liberty to the small family farm

Balancing Home and Career

The never ending balancing act of keeping the home life sane and keeping your work life going, sometimes involves learning when to say when.

In Case You Don’t Think Big Pharma is Running the Show

A year ago, I read this insightful series by an investigative journalist that details how pharmaceutical companies are defining disease to serve their own ends. Someone who goes to bed well can wake up “suddenly sick” when the threshold for qualifying for a drug is lowered.