Raw Dairy May Help You Lose Weight, Conquer Depression

An ingredient in raw milk from grass fed cows, and grass fed meats may help you lose weight, conquer depression, even prevent cancer! It is the fatty acid, CLA. See link to blog below.

You Can Be an Activist for Sustainable Agriculture

Last night, I organized an event in my community, Raw Milk, Food Freedom and You….A Report From the Front Lines of the Raw Milk Battle.

Singles and Marriage

Today, I posted a blog by a woman, who like myself, struggled tremendously to get married. She has written a book that is now helping other singles avoid listening to falsehoods about marriage and singleness and get on purpose about finding true love.

Crema–Raw Milk Consumers Present Their Case

This is a fantastic overview of the health benefits of Farm Fresh Milk! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5FoFoFNeCk

Cows and Sharing

My husband and I own 2/26ths of a cow named Aster. She lives on a 100 year old farm and provides us milk every week. We love our cow, and it is so nice to know exactly where our milk comes from, and how she is treated.