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Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones Face Prison for Protesting Inhumane Sheep Kill Order

Rare Shropshire sheep were slaughtered, to add insult to injury the Canadian government wants to jail Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones, who spoke out.

DC Sneak Peak New Food Documentary!

Revolution: Food is a food documentary that uplifts and rejoices in all the good being done by farmers around the world. A DC area screening is being held October 3, 2015.

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks to Wow Your Guests!

Familiar tastes and flavor can make healthy Super Bowl snacks a hit with your kids and football fans. Follow the link in this post to some great recipes!

Vaccine Alternative: Parents Take Note!

I represent the author of this new book, There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis As a Hartke reader, I know you will be interested in the alternative to vaccines she presents. Her previous book The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis was given a thumbs up review in Wise Traditions Journal. To often, the discussion of vaccines seems like a […]

Best Ever Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Want a holiday dessert that guests will remember forever? Try this best ever pumpkin pie recipe!