10 Baby Steps to a Healthier Diet

A busy mom reached out to me today for baby steps advice on how to go more toward the Weston A. Price dietary guidelines. Here are my ideas, but will you help me answer her question?

Nashville Flood Points to Need for Household Emergency Preparedness

Peggy Webb, an eyewitness to a natural disaster, the Nashville Flood gives her ideas for preparedness. Twenty feet of water was inside the Nashville Gaylord Opryland Hotel, a billion dollar resort.

Butter–The Healthy Fat “They” Don’t Want You to Know About

Sarah Pope of the Healthy Home Economist blog details the untold story of how butter came to be demonized and replaced by unhealthy manufactured fats.

Read Ingredients Labels Carefully!

There is a cool i phone app for avoiding toxic food ingredients. Plus, a food blog reader has asked that we spread the word about a sneaky ingredients change in a sprouted wheat bread.

Top 10 Foodie Christmas Gift Ideas

Kimberly Hartke gives holiday gift ideas, perfect for the food lover in your life…and where to donate if you’d rather forgo gift giving this year.