Almond Flour Shortbread Recipe

Another gluten free treat from the personal chef to the green minded, Victoria Cortes! Yummy almond shortbread, wonderful by itself or with ice cream.

Another Reason to Eat Organic

Are you as smart as a little sparrow? Apparently, little birds have a lot to teach us about nutrition, as this story illustrates.

Vegetarian Mushroom Burger Recipe a Substitute for Soy

Vegetarians will love this mushroom cake recipe, an alternative to the highly processed soy “veggie” burgers available commercially.

Lamb and Beef Stock Reduction Sauce Recipe

Victoria Cortes shares her delicious recipe for a lamb and beef bone broth reduction sauce, the perfect gravy for both lamb and beef dishes.

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Dr. Mercola, that’s who! Plus a number of other notables in the world of wellness came for a sumptious Nourishing Traditional meal.