You Can Be an Activist for Sustainable Agriculture

Last night, I organized an event in my community, Raw Milk, Food Freedom and You….A Report From the Front Lines of the Raw Milk Battle. A local mom spoke about her family finding whole, unprocessed milk as a vital part of their diet, and an aid to overcoming her children’s digestive issues. I, too, consume raw dairy products as part of my healing protocol to overcome a degenerative knee problem. Many raw milk consumers are not just rebellious consumers, but they have a pressing medical condition that drives them to search for answers. And, the answers include adding farm fresh milk and butter from traditional, pasture raised (as opposed to pasteurized) cows from a small family farm. Pasteurized milk is a necessity for only one reason. Not because milk from livestock is inherently dangerous, but because modern factory farms are guilty of animal abuse which results in dirty, tainted milk. No way could this milk be consumed without sterilization. Pasture raised cows, on the other hand are treated with kindness, fed their natural diet (grass, hay) and roam freely in the sunshine on lush green grass–their natural habitat.

Another sustainable farm activist just happened to send me two really pertinent news clips about the plight of the family farm in America. These farms need our help, and the most important thing you can do is to shift your buying habits to direct farm-to-consumer sales.

See and share with others these important news clips:

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