My New Years Resolutions are to Nourish both Body and Soul

Body–I want to lose my remaining belly fat and plan to follow a combination of the South Beach diet healthy carbs, healthy fats approach and the Weston A. Price nutrient dense diet.  Will be exercising 5-6 times a week with or without my husband.

Soul–For the second year in a row, I plan to work my way through the book, A Year with the Saints, published by TAN Publishing.  Each chapter is a month devoted to a specific virtue, and there are daily readings with quotes and stories from the lives of Christians who exhibited notable virtue.  The first month is Perfection, which is a tall order!  As I meditate on these character qualities, I hope to make better decisions and grow stronger in virtue.

My homemaking challenge for the new year is to tackle more recipes from Nourishing Traditions, a cookbook by Sally Fallon Morell!

I am belatedly submitting this to the Nourishing Gourmet blog New Years Resolution Carnival.  See others resolutions here:

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Now I think I will go send some of my Christmas cards that never got mailed!