Drywall Guy Solves His Own Health Issues


Medical Mystery Unraveled by a Guy Riddled with Anxiety, other Mental Health Issues

Paul is a 43-year-old drywall guy who only made it through 10th grade. He has solved his own medical problems for $509.00!  Insurance covered all but $185.00 of the lab test.

But, not before his health insurers spent $100,000 on medical visits, resulting in inaccurate diagnoses, and Paul spent a small fortune in co-pays and lost workdays. His case stumped numerous medical professionals.  Paul wrote to Hartke Is Online to try and get the word out, to help other families resolve their health issues, especially for their children.

Paul called himself the “antacid kid” he had a chronic upset stomach, acid reflux for 20 years.  He was close to schizophrenic, struggled with anxiety, IBS, ADHD, OCD, mild Asperger’s disease.  He admitted to struggling with crazy jealousy toward his wife, who didn’t deserve it.  A Brazilian doctor told him he was allergic to wheat.  Paul didn’t believe it.  So it took five more years for him to discover the root of his problem.

This is the way he figured it out.  He went on the Atkins diet, totally eliminating carbohydrates from his diet.  While on the Atkins diet, he felt better than ever before. When he went off the Atkins program, his health issues gradually returned. Paul then realized there was a dietary connection.

Paul asked his doctor’s to test him for wheat or gluten intolerance.  The doctor’s apparently were very resistant to this suggestion.  But Paul demanded that one doctor order a genetic test for Celiac disease.  The test was sent to Prometheus Labs in California. It came back positive.

Today, both he and his wife are experiencing a wonderful new life.  Totally gluten free, they have stability in their marriage because Paul has stable emotions: no anxiety, clarity, happiness and hope for tomorrow.  His wife has felt benefits, too. She is anxiety free, her weight is easier to control, and she can focus on learning to use a computer, which would have been impossible for her before.

Additionally, Paul has gone from weighing 235 lbs to 180 lbs, due to no other change in lifestyle than eliminating gluten. Finally, the autoimmune dysfunction caused by celiac disease is on the mend.  Paul recently had shoulder surgery, and the surgeon marveled at his quick recovery.  Paul is absolutely convinced his speedy recovery was due to the fact that his immune system was no longer overwhelmed fighting an allergen, so it could heal his body in record time.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

An Italian doctor, Dr. Alessio Fasano at  University of Maryland, says that 80-90% of people test positive for the HLA DQ2 gene (considered Atlantic Rim hunter-gatherer gene).  Paul tested positive for the HLA DQ8 (called the Pacific Rim hunter-gatherer gene), which is present in 10-15% of the public.  Both are evidence of gluten sensitivity, Paul’s test results represent a more severe case.  Paul now strongly advocates genetic testing, if you suspect this allergen may be causing your illness. He also says that this is a very important genetic test for children, because the best chance for healing celiac is between the ages of 5 to 12 years old.

Paul now is a genetic testing advocate, because had he had the benefit of these test results sooner, it would have saved the U.S. health care system $99,491. and spared Paul many years of compromised health! According to Dr. Fasano, upwards of 35% of the American population has celiac related dysfunction. Just think of the millions of sufferers of various maladies that could arrest their disease armed with the knowledge of this 99.9% accurate test!

Paul also believes that if genetic testing were implemented for children prior to attending school, we could prevent ADHD and OCD with dietary changes. Dr. Fasano was apparently instrumental in getting this sort of pre-school genetic testing instituted in Italy. With such a program in place, there would then be no need to place children on medications, which have serious side effects such as “May cause psychotic behavior or suicidal tendency.”  Just think of the implications for preventing school violence, school shootings!

Paul told me that in addition to ADD/ADHD, other ailments that can possibly be remedied by a gluten-free diet are Parkinson’s disease, diabetes all forms of mental health issues asthma, lupus, pain management, cancer prevention, and migraine headaches. He sent me this link to a good website: Columbia University Celiac Disease Center.

It is a shame that Paul had to suffer for 20 years.  His medical problems cost him and his wife their home. But, he feels that with his newfound freedom from anxiety, he can rebuild his life, and that his renewed health is priceless.

The lesson to be learned here is two-fold.  Number one–we must all consider the fact that most humans are to some degree or another intolerant of wheat and other high-gluten grains, especially if they are not properly prepared by a long fermentation process such as recommended by Sally Fallon Morell, of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit which advocates traditional food preparation methods.  Sally explains these methods in her cookbook, Nourishing Traditions.

Number two–it is critical never to turn your health over to someone else, even if they have a Dr. in front of their name.  If Paul had not persisted in seeking answers, and studying on his own, he would continue to be living a nightmare. With the internet as a resource, we can take back control over our family’s health and wellness.

The only universal health care I advocate, is for American’s to start universally taking better care of themselves.

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Photo:  Paul did not have a photo to provide us, so he asked that I use the hunkiest looking drywall guy I could find to illustrate this post! I found this image on the website, www.homeinstitute.com.


  1. AWESOME post! I’m going to tweet this and stumble it. And link to it on my blog.

    Love the hunky drywall guy — LOL! It made me click!

  2. Thank you for posting this! Gluten-free is also good for people with MS. I’ve been gluten-free for three and a half years and never felt better.

  3. Interesting article! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Why isn’t drywall guy carrying lumber instead of…DRYWALL!!??

    I too went gluten free and have had many of my health issues resolved.

    Go for it!

  5. Informative post, thanks a lot for the information! I’m a bartender so I have to use the web at breaks at work. I don’t really reply to blog posts but enjoyed this post. Please post more usefull stuff like this, I added you to my bookmarks! 😀

  6. hi

  7. It’s amazing what can happen when you finally switch to the gluten free diet when you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease!

    – Jessika : Celiac Speaks – My Personal Notes
    .-= Jessika´s last blog ..Gluten Free Pantry =-.

  8. Interesting, I have a dry wall client with some of the same complaints! Can’t wait to show this to him…..he’ll get a kick out of it!

    Thank you for sharing…..one by one, we will all be healed from the devastating effects of some of our food supply!
    In good health!

  9. Deborah says:

    Great story. My son’s paternal grandmother has celiac and so did her mother. I am hesitant to test my son b/c he is only 3.5 I didn’t introduce gluten until he was 18 months – and it was an accident actually – my husband gave him our bread! And he seemed to have no issues so we give him some pasta and bread. He has no issues, but I wonder if he is absorbing all his nutrients and if he has a gluten sensitivity. What age do you think is appropriate to test?

  10. Interesting story of Paul, thanks for the post! Many American’s suffered from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, but because of thousands of information we read online really help. Just like this post! You never surrender with your illness from suffering celiac disease, and feel free to anxiety again. Good luck to you and to your wife!


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