Natural Cures Blog Carnival Kicks Off Today!

Join our Natural Cures Carnival!

Join our Natural Cures Carnival!

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21 Frauds Committed by Big Pharma Drug Researcher

This has got to be the perfect news story with which to kick off my blog carnival on Natural Cures. On March 11, 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported that a prominent academic drug researcher had submitted fraudulent research, 21 studies to be exact, to the FDA to gain their approval of certain drugs. Here is a link to the WSJ story: Top Pain Scientist Falsified Data

Here is a quote from the article:

“The hospital has asked the medical journals to retract the 21 studies, some of which reported favorable results from the use of painkillers like Pfizer Inc.’s Bextra and Merck & Co.’s Vioxx — both since withdrawn — as well as Pfizer’s Celebrex and Lyrica. Dr. Reuben’s research work also claimed positive findings for Wyeth‘s antidepressant Effexor XR as a pain killer. And he wrote to the Food and Drug Administration, urging the agency not to restrict the use of many of the painkillers he studied, citing his own data on their safety and effectiveness.”

His own data that was patently false. Here is what his peers have to say about the fraud:

Fraud Case Rocks Anesthesiology Community

I read recently that our U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reputed to be the most corrupt of all the federal agencies.  I don’t know if that is true, but in culinary parlance, as ‘they’ say, “the fish stinks from the head!”

My personal health philosophy is to seek healing from nature, first. Today, I only use drugs, even over-the-counter drugs, as a very last resort.  And, in the past, I have had to go there.

But, when I read news stories like this, it confirms my belief that we can not always trust what we are told by our government, or for that matter manufacturers who are trying to sell us something. I would rather take my health into my own hands, then blindly turn my health and my body over to our health care system.

Call Me a Radical, But We Can Do Better Than They Can!

Kimberly on Treadmill

Kimberly on Elliptical Trainer

Here is the formula for the Universal Health Care Plan: Universally, let’s all start taking better care of ourselves! Let’s lose weight, let’s eat right, let’s get in two or three hours of exercise a week.  Let’s buy healthier food, and cook more for our families. How about making sure we take time off? Vacations, and a day of rest once a week are vitally  important to re-charge our batteries.

Why have American’s abdicated responsibility for their health to the professionals and the pills?  Heaven knows, we need the pros, but let’s not do nothing and hope that pros and pills will take up the slack!

I am hoping many of you health professionals will submit natural cures to this blog. I promise to link back to your website if you do. I am hoping many of you will start thinking of your practices as “wellness oriented.”

The reason our health system is failing, is that Americans are overburdening the system by the neglect of their health. Let’s wake up and smell the coffee, as a friend of mine who is a hospital administrator used to always say.

OK, so now it is your turn!  Here are the instructions for the blog carnival. Let me hear from you about your favorite home remedy, lifestyle or fitness program or diet.

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Announcing a Natural Cures Blog Carnival

Our first contributor was so eager, she submitted her link a week early! Here is the Local Nourishment Blog nutritional healing remedy for allergic dermatitis!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop blog sent us her entire list of home remedies. Thanks, Kelly!

Kristen sent me a message on Facebook with her cures:

Hey! I am sure you are aware of my natural cures but just in case….Arnica number one for tons of muscle problems and inflammation. Mullein..awesome herb for deep coughs if they are bronchitis like or pneumonia.
Eyebright tea to sip on or soak your eye in for any styes, infections, conjunctivitis…
lot’s of stories for each one if you need them.

I know my son was healed of all his allergies with raw milk.

Happy to have found you. By the way, I found a tv producer to help me film a documentary this summer about the raids on the Amish/raw milk and the other probs. of small farmers. Hopefully that will happen. –Kristin

You are NEXT!

PLEASE NOTE: I have been asked to write an op-ed about today’s raw milk hearing in Annapolis.  I will be away from the computer for the rest of the day.  Please leave your hyperlinks as comments for now.  When I return, I will post them here and delete your comments, moving the text here to my main post. I am sorry, this was unexpected.  But can’t wait to see your contributions tonite upon my return!


  1. The comment that really sums it up for me is, “In an editorial in the journal Anesthesiology, editor James C. Eisenach warned that “these retractions clearly raise the possibility that we might be heading in wrong directions or toward blind ends in attempts to improve pain therapy.”

    As a chronic pain sufferer for the last 35 years, I understand the frustration that drives patients to doctors in search of the newest snake oil “cure.” I understand the exhaustion of daily pain, the toll it takes on your personality, relationships and health overall. I fell for the medical line for years and am just now beginning to rebuild my health.

    My lowest point hit while taking Effexor XR, Celebrex and Vicodin simultaneously. During this time, I also tried to manage my pain with a TENS machine. I wasn’t able to function, I still hurt, and the problem causing the pain wasn’t getting any better. But this was the best medical science had to offer.

    Since coming off the drugs and focusing solely on diet and what limited exercise I am able to perform, I have had more pain-free days than I had in the prior 30 years. Sure, I still have “down” days, but they are fewer and further between. The evidence is mounting, and the great news is: it’s in our favor. We can help ourselves!

    Local Nourishment’s last blog post..Wait. You spent how much for that fast food?

  2. Hey Kimberly,

    I had planned on mentioning this carnival on Saturday, but ran out of time to do my linkie love post. I did manage to mention it today though! I think that this carnival idea is great. 🙂

  3. I love this idea. Here are a couple of thoughts that I didn’t post about, but thought I would share:

    1). My husband pulled his back pretty bad over the weekend. To treat it we are using two herbal remedies: comfrey poultices and arnica cream. Those along with copious amounts of fish oil and vitamin D and lots of hot baths seem to be doing wonders.

    2). For losing weight – low carb is the only healthy way to eat for weight loss. High fat, protein and leafy green vegetables works wonders.

    Shannon’s last blog post..Grain-Free Italian Meatball Soup with Greens

  4. I don’t have a post ready to go on this, but I thought I’d mention the wonders of gurgling a dilution of raw apple cider vinegar and water when you’ve got a sore throat. ACV kills strep on contact. If you ever feel a sore throat coming on, gurgling this concoction will help keep anything serious at bay!

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  6. method status + forex says:

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    Great job with the info. How did you find it? Please let me know.

  7. its because the fda makes money off of their medicine and natural cures are often dismissed because of this. but natural is the way to go its cheaper and safer than any prescription drug

  8. Drugs treat symptoms, but don’t cure underlying problems. Putting these foreign substances in your body upsets its natural function. And that can lead to unintended consequences – Natural Remedies are always best

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you are a female, then some herbs that boost your fertility
    consist of Red Clover, sand to nourish your uterus and relax your
    nervous system; Chastetree berry, also known as Vitex Angus; False
    Unicorn Root; Ladys Miracle, which assists in building the uterine
    lining and finally, Stinging Nettle. This helps to regulate the body’s

    You may even be able to find an herbal fertility enhancer containing
    correct ratios of each of these herbs to make while trying to conceive.

    There are also a variety of over the counter fertility aids available
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    helps to regulate hormones and increase testosterone and Saw Palmetto,
    which is said to increase prostate health as well as contribute to


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