Bovine Growth Bullying

The Kansas legislature has now passed a bill that would ban the labeling of milk NOT produced from cows shot up with genetically modified growth hormones. This means, national brands could not sell their product in that state, if it identifies the product as rBGH Free on the label, which is likely to mean that other people in other states will be shoved into the dark, too. Companies will naturally take it off all labels rather than produce special cartons or labels just for one state.

Only industry bullying could produce such a muzzle on free speech and the right to know. This bill violates the first Amendment to our Constitution! Sometimes I wonder why our politicians, many of them lawyers, could vote for this kind of bill. It is unconscionable.

Watch the video below, to learn why we NEED to know what is in our milk. Many other countries ban rBGH hormone altogether, and here in America, only the ignorance of the public has allowed this adulteration of our food supply. Please sign a petition here to ask Governor Sebilius to veto this Kansas bill.

See Cheeseslave blog for a similar plea to get involved in this important issue.

And this article by a physicist about the dangers and politics of rBGH.

Apparently, Pennsylvania and Ohio have already banned labels that say rBGH free.  Here is an article about the state by state strategy to deny the truth to shoppers.

Sustainable Table has a great list of rBGH free products in every state. Just click on your state to see the shopping list.  Vote with your dollars for humane farms. rBGH is not only deadly to humans, it hurts our livestock.

If this makes you super mad, that this kind of thing can happen in America, please Fight Back by writing a letter to the editor. Send it to me, and I will email your letter out to dairy industry publications.  We most especially have to let farmers know that we don’t like this drugging of America’s livestock.  You must include your name, address and phone number in order for the editors to consider publication.  Send letters to me via my email, kim.hartke at  Thanks!  I will also publish your letters on my blog during our NO GMO challenge that is hosting soon!

Fight Back Fridays Blog Carnival

Fight Back Fridays Blog Carnival

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  1. Awesome call to action, Kimberly! Thank you so much for posting this today. Let’s hope everyone gets empowered to do something about this NOW.

    And, thank you, too, for participating in Fight Back Fridays today.

    All the best,
    (AKA Food Renegade)

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