Theme for this Week: Cancer

Theme for this Week: Cancer

Race for the Cure May Have Already Been WON!

If the cure for cancer came from outside the medical community, would it be any less of a cure? If a lawyer, a homemaker, or an Indian Chief stumbled on a cure for cancer, would we be excited, nonetheless? Common sense screams, “YES, OF COURSE!” But, alas, I have discovered that our U.S. health care system is not guided by common sense, but by the almighty dollar.

What if I told you someone has already found a cure, and has, in fact, cured hundreds, perhaps even thousands of cancers?

Would you think I was kidding? Wouldn’t you expect that to be Front Page news?

Well, in fact someone has. But it wasn’t.

He is not a plumber, nor a poker player. But, this guy is a medical outsider. Yet, he is, in fact a scientist. He’s a biophysicist, to be exact. The kind of guy that traffics in hypotheses and experiments and complicated formulas us normal people can’t even fathom.

This guy was dying of cancer. He underwent conventional medical treatments. They failed in his case. The side effects were too toxic.

Determined to live, he decided to apply his scientific training to the task of solving his own health crisis. Once he did, he then began to help others.

So, what was the cancer establishment’s response–the medical community–the federal government?

Was there a ticker tape parade? Did Congress seek his testimony? Was he nominated as TIME Man of the Year, lauded by the American Cancer Society, granted the Nobel Peace Prize? Not hardly. They rode him out of the country on a rail.

The scientist was reported to the FTC by an oncologist who was outraged when one of his patients no longer needed his help. Her breast cancer had already been healed. The FTC sued the well-meaning scientist and won a judgment of $860,000 against him. Practicing medicine without a license carries a hefty fine, it seems. The financial penalty cost the cancer genius and his wife their house and everything they owned. The government ordered his website taken down and forbid him to continue, in spite of the fact that 86% of the people David helped were cured of their disease.

What about the people he healed? What about the millions who still need his help? What about conducting research to test his protocol and improve his methods? Why was he not asked to train other scientists, medical doctors, cancer clinicians? Is it just me, or does none of this make any sense?

I have spoken to David Walker, the scientist who ran afoul of the cancer industry, by daring to operate under his First Amendment freedoms by sharing his story, counseling others to find health and well being through what the medical community might consider ‘unconventional means’. He is for real.

He persists in doing good, thankfully. Although, not in America. His special talent is just not wanted here.

I applaud David Walker, who now employees doctors (when we spoke two years ago, he had 4 doctors working under him) and other staff in his Bio-Res Medical Clinic in San Carlos, Mexico.

He has clients seek his help for all kinds of cancer, from all over the world. He has a great track record. He told me he has terrific success with skin cancer cases, which can be particularly deadly.

But what impressed me the most, is the supreme sacrifice he has made to continue to serve the health needs of others, even if it meant leaving his homeland.

Next time someone asks you to walk for the cure, how about telling them to take a hike– down to Mexico?

For more information about David Walker and his healing protocol for cancer, google David Walker Cancer. I can’t seem to make the hyperlink work, but the first article that comes up is on Alternative-Doctor website, which tells the story in more detail.

In an interview with Dr. David Walker, he closes with a potent phrase, as he speaks of alternative therapies for cancer, “They shouldn’t be ignored, just because they are unpatentable.”

There is a documentary film featuring Dr. Walker, see more about it on the website.

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Blog reader Wanda Cline writes:

Hi Kim–I am “curing” my Stage 4 breast cancer through diet and detoxing, after giving up on chemotherapy.  I was tired of the chemo treadmill, and it was losing effectiveness, so I searched and found the Budwig protocol.   I also added in additional detoxing therapies because of my weakened immune system from years of chemo.  I’ve had such success that I’ve written a detailed article to help educate others.  It is at

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