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Does the U.S. Cancer Industry Really Want to Find a Cure?

Theme for this Week: Cancer

Theme for this Week: Cancer

Race for the Cure May Have Already Been WON!

If the cure for cancer came from outside the medical community, would it be any less of a cure? If a lawyer, a homemaker, or an Indian Chief stumbled on a cure for cancer, would we be excited, nonetheless? Common sense screams, “YES, OF COURSE!” But, alas, I have discovered that our U.S. health care system is not guided by common sense, but by the almighty dollar.

What if I told you someone has already found a cure, and has, in fact, cured hundreds, perhaps even thousands of cancers?

Would you think I was kidding? Wouldn’t you expect that to be Front Page news?

Well, in fact someone has. But it wasn’t.

He is not a plumber, nor a poker player. But, this guy is a medical outsider. Yet, he is, in fact a scientist. He’s a biophysicist, to be exact. The kind of guy that traffics in hypotheses and experiments and complicated formulas us normal people can’t even fathom.

This guy was dying of cancer. He underwent conventional medical treatments. They failed in his case. The side effects were too toxic.

Determined to live, he decided to apply his scientific training to the task of solving his own health crisis. Once he did, he then began to help others.

So, what was the cancer establishment’s response-the medical community-the federal government?

Was there a ticker tape parade? Did Congress seek his testimony? Was he nominated as TIME Man of the Year, lauded by the American Cancer Society, granted the Nobel Peace Prize? Not hardly. They rode him out of the country on a rail.

The scientist was reported to the FTC by an oncologist who was outraged when one of his patients no longer needed his help. Her breast cancer had already been healed. The FTC sued the well-meaning scientist and won a judgment of $860,000 against him. Practicing medicine without a license carries a hefty fine, it seems. The financial penalty cost the cancer genius and his wife their house and everything they owned. The government ordered his website taken down and forbid him to continue, in spite of the fact that 86% of the people David helped were cured of their disease.

What about the people he healed? What about the millions who still need his help? What about conducting research to test his protocol and improve his methods? Why was he not asked to train other scientists, medical doctors, cancer clinicians? Is it just me, or does none of this make any sense?

I have spoken to David Walker, the scientist who ran afoul of the cancer industry, by daring to operate under his First Amendment freedoms by sharing his story, counseling others to find health and well being through what the medical community might consider ‘unconventional means’. He is for real.

He persists in doing good, thankfully. Although, not in America. His special talent is just not wanted here.

I applaud David Walker, who now employees doctors (when we spoke two years ago, he had 4 doctors working under him) and other staff in his Bio-Res Medical Clinic in San Carlos, Mexico.

He has clients seek his help for all kinds of cancer, from all over the world. He has a great track record. He told me he has terrific success with skin cancer cases, which can be particularly deadly.

But what impressed me the most, is the supreme sacrifice he has made to continue to serve the health needs of others, even if it meant leaving his homeland.

Next time someone asks you to walk for the cure, how about telling them to take a hike- down to Mexico?

For more information about David Walker and his healing protocol for cancer, google David Walker Cancer. I can’t seem to make the hyperlink work, but the first article that comes up is on Alternative-Doctor website, which tells the story in more detail.

In an interview with Dr. David Walker, he closes with a potent phrase, as he speaks of alternative therapies for cancer, “They shouldn’t be ignored, just because they are unpatentable.”

There is a documentary film featuring Dr. Walker, see more about it on the icurecancer.com website.

This post is the kick off to our Natural Cures blog carnival today, our theme is cancer. See instructions, upcoming themes and details about the natural cures blog carnival here.

Now, it is your turn. Please contribute your entries about cancer to our blog carnival by emailing your links to kim.hartke at gmail.com, or by commenting below!

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Our first contribution is from Kelly the Kitchen Kop blog, on Hormone Replacement and Breast Cancer Risk. Thanks, Kelly, for sharing!

The second entry is by Local Nourishment blog about Cold and Flu Comfort Food, which I am sure would be equally nourishing for a cancer patient. Good food builds immunity!

Raw milk helps Osteoporosis is the contribution of Cheeseslave blog. Raw milk is an immune building food, raw milk kefir is highly recommended for cancer patients and others who wish to build their T-cells!

Blog reader Wanda Cline writes:

Hi Kim-I am “curing” my Stage 4 breast cancer through diet and detoxing, after giving up on chemotherapy.  I was tired of the chemo treadmill, and it was losing effectiveness, so I searched and found the Budwig protocol.   I also added in additional detoxing therapies because of my weakened immune system from years of chemo.  I’ve had such success that I’ve written a detailed article to help educate others.  It is at www.wandacline.com/cancer

NOTE from Kimberly: Since so many of your submissions involve nutritional approaches to cancer, I have submitted this post to another blog carnival, Real Food Wednesdays, see other nourishing foods here.

Disclaimer: This article is the sole opinion of the author.  It is not to be construed as a referral or medical advice. This is not sponsored content nor is there a financial relationship between the author and David Walker.

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  1. We are pleased to see your Web site favoring natural therapies. Our clinic uses the Budwig protocol and we are having good results. Here is a testimonial from one of our patients who had breast cancer,
    Dalis Jurado:

    Dear Dr. Jenkins of the Mariposa Clinic in Spain. I will like to share this great news….I had my cat, lab and mamography tests and thank to god, my family and specially to you. I am doing very well, no more breast cancer, I feel great and I am very happy to know that the breast cancer is no longer with me. I am using all your vitamins you recommend me, avoiding all the wrong food, using the great machine 3 times a week and now I will like to use it 3 times per month to prevent unnecessary virus and other illness. IMAGINE I am the only one who has not got cold or influenza in my family. Before I was constantly sick. I will like to ask you if I had to take forever and ever the cottage cheese with the flax seed oil? and also I had a little bit high the prolactin hormone, how can I balance my hormones?. Perhaps, next year I will go to Spain to visit you. I am praying that will be possible and to to thank you personally.. Indeed you have help me so much .God bless you always.. I admired my husband he has been my great support and he is a medical doctor as well and he strongly believed in your treatment and has support me 100%. I am honored to share my experience in your web, by the way your web is just fantastic, it shows how Mariposa Clinic is giving hope and cure to many of us. -Dalis Jurado (Speaks Spanish and English) From Panama

    Keep up the excellent work
    Dr. Lloyd Jenkins
    [email protected]

    • Kimberly Hartke says:

      What a wonderful testimony Lloyd. Thanks so much for submitting this to the blog carnival. I know it will help many people who are looking for answers.

  2. As soon as i read the title for this post I thought, “No, of course not!” Why would the U. S. Cancer industry want to find a cure? They’d all be out of jobs.

    Michelle @ Find Your Balance’s last blog post..No birthday left behind

    • Oncologists, Big Pharm, hospitals, radiologist all will loose billions of dollars if there is a cure recognized that the FDA does not stop. There is big money in all illness

  3. jeff schreibman says:

    this is a great post, thank you for this information!

    jeff schreibman’s last blog post..Low Stakes SCOOP Six Max won by a SUPER PRO

  4. I have personally known several people who have healed advanced cancers using some of the treatments David Walker prescribes. It’s truly amazing. The problem is it requires a radical lifestyle change and many people aren’t willing to do that. They’d rather have a surgery or pump their body full of radioactive chemicals. (This I know from personal experience. Many people in my world have battled cancer, and when I tell them about reversing it naturally and what it involves, they say, “Sounds reasonable, but I’m too lazy!”)

    Thanks for sharing the scoop about David Walker!

    (AKA FoodRenegade)

    FoodRenegade’s last blog post..How To Cure Tooth Decay — Guest Post by Ramiel Nagel

    • Having known David personally during his years of living rent free just up the road, I was accustomed to the spin he would put on his landlady about why he could not pay rent. She recently passed away, still expecting that the day would come when David would send her a check from Mexico to pay her what he owed. Yes - David was and IS a good spin doctor - and he still sounds like Dr. Seuss.

  5. Lizabeth Matthews says:

    The article is so true! My mom had breast cancer a couple years ago and had a masectomy and chemo. She has a strong faith in God and I believe that is why she is still here. Her docter actually had the nerve to tell her to eat donuts and pop to keep weight on during her treatments. I was so mad! That is malpractice! I encouraged her to change her lifestyle and to seek natural remedies, but as others have said she is too lazy. For me this has been the beginning of finding ways to prevent this from happening to me and others. About the same time I was dianosed with having a dermoid cyst on my ovary and am trying to avoid surgery.
    I do have one friend that about 10 years ago she had ovarian cancer in her late 20’s. She had a histerectomy and then went to a holistic docter in another state and lived on his property for extended period of time. She has been cancer free now for over 10 years. I remember her telling me that they frequently fed her bone broth. If I can get a hold of her tonight, I will comment back more details of the treatment. Love, Love, Love Real Food Media! God Bless!

  6. Good to see others rejecting poisonous medicines that only deal with symptoms.
    If you or anyone here wants - I can send the .DOC file of Budwig’s 3 presentations given about why and how her regimen reverses ALL diseases.
    To many look myopically in only one direction or product - when there is actually 3 basic components to healing - Flaxseed Oil & Cottage Cheese is only one component and is second in importance.

    • Kimberly Hartke says:

      Rick-I would be very interested in putting the Budwig articles on my blog, or links to them. Please get in touch with me by email.


  7. Hi Rick - Yes I’d like to read it, maybe you can cut & paste it in a new comment?

  8. Check out Jerry Brunetti’s video testimonial called “Food Is Medicine” — he talks about how he healed himself of stage 4 Lymphoma with real food. Part One and Two are on Google Video. Very inspiring!

  9. Lizabeth Matthews says:

    I have talked to my friend about her natural treatment. She would not give me the doctor’s name. He is working underground in the US. She told me he is now almost 100 years old. So he would have been around 90 years old when he treated her. She said he grew all his own food on his property. He made is own natural remedies himself on his property except for the injections. She would get the injections everyday that were flown in from another country(England or Ireland) that are banned now and almost impossible to get here. The injections made her throw up and feel sick(detox?). She would eat all whole foods including pastured animals, broth, fruits, vegetables. She said he would have her do alot of walking everyday know matter what the weather was outside. She has been cancer free for 12 years to be exact. She said it was very expensive and had to take a second mortgage out on her house. She does not regret it. Her and her husband adopted two little girls that happen to look just lke them. It doesn’t look like they want to find a cure. Doctor’s have to hide and she wouldn’t even give me his name. I cannot ever donate to any American cancer Association or anything like it or even walk the walks. It makes me very sad :(.

    • Kimberly Hartke says:

      Thanks, Lizabeth. The shots may have been laetrile (vitamin B17) which is a treatment banned in the U.S., even though research at Sloan Kettering found it to be able to shrink tumors and fight cancer. There is a very good book about it called World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin.

      After reading this book, my husband and I feel the same way you do about donating to Cancer Societies. The only cures they look for are ones that are patentable and pharmaceutical based. We can’t support such a narrow-minded approach to fighting cancer.


  10. Hey guys - great blog that you have going here. It is tough to find a legitimate health-related blog that isn’t full of inaccuracies. Keep up the good work…I will definitely be bookmarking your site.

    NOTE from Kimberly: Visit this commenters website on self diagnosis here.

  11. You know Kimberly, I hesitate to tell Singapore’s most famous blogger (a chemotherapy patient I think her husband’s name is Mr. Razza) that if she continued chemotherapy they way she had hers, she will die. I shut up instead. In Jan 2009, she died leaving behind a loving husband and 2 young daughters.

    There are thousands cured of cancer the past 30 years. Gerson.org is famous for that. Here in Singapore a woman in the last stage of cancer went off meat to accumulate “good karma” for her surviving sons. She ended up killing all her cancer cells. Her hospital doctor was stunned. THIS NEWS never made it to front page, it was in the middle of a Chinese newspaper.

    We’d have to ask ourselves why are people not given the information that helps them?

    I lost a friend to cancer some years back - in 2 years after offering himself as a guinea pig for chemotherapy (I have no idea why they needed to experiment if they were very sure chemotherapy reduced mortality rates).

    Now, after this blog entry I am feeling more encouraged to tell your readers (YOU) to consider alternative treatments if chemotherapy is not working for you. To continue something that is painful and that makes you weaker is INSANE.

    There are more than 1 natural whole food that helps to fight cancer.

    Professor Collin T Campbell spoke about just ONE major reason for causing Cancer (his video is closer to end of blog): http://ow.ly/3ckc and this is another link cancer sufferers may want to check too: http://www.twitwall.com/view/?what=020D02010A

    • Kimberly Hartke says:

      Thanks, Kelly, I am anxious to watch the Campbell video. Please join in our blog carnival, anytime! Seems like you are full of good info.

  12. I have two comments. My mom died in 2002 from the treatment she was receiving for cervical cancer that had spread to her spine. The chemo caused her to drop to 78 pounds and her kidneys failed, which is what killed her. After watching her suffer and waste away, I have no faith in conventional cancer “treatment”. If it happens to me, I will go the alt. route. Also, my father used to work in construction and a few years ago he did some refurbishing work at the National Cancer Institute Offices. He was disgusted at the piles of money they spent on decorating the offices of some of the directors, doctors etc. I don’t begrudge anyone have nice things, but a $20,000 desk. You write on it, not perform surgery on it. How can you know if the $$ you donate is used responsibly?

    • Kimberly Hartke says:

      Pam -so sorry to hear of your loss. Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, it is a shame that people are capitalizing on this disease, instead of looking for answers in a multitude of approaches.

  13. I recently went to a lecture by given by my naturopath on the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency in the US and all of the diseases we would likely see less of if we all had adequate vitamin D levels (including cancer and autism). It’s scary! Something so simple and cheap (the best source is the sun but good quality cod liver oil is also helpful as is a high quality supplement) but the pharmaceutical industry isn’t interested because two of the three options (sun and high quality vitamin D drops) are either free or very inexpensive. Very frustrating!

    Julie’s last blog post..Why We Love Our Excalibur Food Dehydrator

  14. Dear Kim,

    Have you heard of Harry Hoxsey who cured cancer and ran afoul of the medical profession? . Please see the google video: how healing becomes a crime. Hoxsey cured a local legislators sister and the legislator helped him to set up a clinic in my hometown. He had 17 clinics in the USA at one time. He was hauled into court many times but each time his patients came to testify for him. Eventually FDA, AMA and company rode him out of town and he moved his work to Mexico. He is long gone but the clinic is still there. The remedies that he used are available online but the lab had to move to South American. A Canadian nurse, Ellen? Caisse also treated patients in Canada with a similar recipe.

    Nutrition is such an important part of staying healthy. And ingesting enough iodine- which is a big part of the Hoxsey remedy. A recent article in the NYT stated that we have enough iodine in our diet. I emailed the expert who was quoted in the article- his sources of iodine in the American diet which he says are sufficient are artificial. Fluoride and bromide block update of iodine into the thyroid gland.This is also very problematic.

    • Kimberly Hartke says:

      I have heard the name, but didn’t know the details. Thanks for sharing! I am at the beach now, and an alternative health doctor told me that at the shore we can breathe in iodine! So, I am breathing deeply as I walk along the beach!


  15. Dear Kim, You can purchase Laetrile online in pill form and I have seen it also for injectibles.

    the video you mentioned is very powerful. It also makes a lot of biochemical sense. Sylvia

  16. I go to an alternative practitioner who can energetically test for causes of lllness. The biggest causes she finds are chemicals( esp crop spray) and metals. In children it’s toxins like metals in vaccines and poor nutrition. Since we are not allowed to cure cancer in this country, except with “cut and burn”, here are some things that are good for perfect health.
    1-Cod liver oil/butter oil from http://www.radiantlifecatalog.com. It greatly increases the immune system and the supports the endocrine system. Was used by Dr. Weston A Price. Read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.
    2-Mesoplatinum. My friend’s doctor gave it to her to clean up any cancer cells after her uterus was removed.
    3. enzymes, like Standard Process Lac-Tenz or Intenzyme Forte
    4. Apricot kernnels, purchase on line
    Also, be sure to find someone who can energetially test you. for causes of poor health and test remedies and amounts for you. I highly recommend the Asyra Scan…an inexpensive test that scans over 5000 causes and takes 4 minutes. http://www.Asyra.com. In the Washington DC area contact http://www.myhealthbuilders.net.
    Janice Curtin, health coach, Alex, VA

  17. Cancers are caused by abnormalities in the genetic material of the transformed cells. These abnormalities may be due to the effects of carcinogens, such as tobacco smoke, radiation, chemicals, or infectious agents. Other cancer-promoting genetic abnormalities may randomly occur through errors in DNA replication, or are inherited, and thus present in all cells from birth. The heritability of cancers is usually affected by complex interactions between carcinogens and the host’s genome.

  18. In my studies, I have found that the cancer industry is all about profits and protecting them. They have suppressed, hidden and lied about alternative cancer treatments that Unfortunately, most people have been conditioned to believe the ‘authorities’ because they have credentials (i.e., advanced degrees). But they are not as objective as we are led to believe. Although the average medical doctor is not knowledgeable about this & is not consciously complicit in this, they should know better, and should be able to figure it out. The ones who are aware of this can’t speak out about it because they would lose their medical licenses if they spoke out about these realities. In short, you will have to find your own way if you really want to cure your cancer because cures are illegal in most countries.

  19. I hope people will start thinking about other people’s lives instead of money.

  20. On the topic of Vitamin D I’ve learned it plays an important role in the body which is needed for the absorption and maintenance of calcium. Having the right levels of calcium in the body enables the maintenance of the appropriate structure within the bones, teeth and proper functioning of the nervous system. This is the major reason why we require the sufficient levels of vitamin D in our body. Vitamin D belongs to a group of fat-soluble vitamins. This means you need to transport the fats.

  21. I am in know way against alternative cancer treatments and encourage people to seek alternative treatment. But what I am against are those who have jumped on the alternative treatment bandwagon and profit from those who are most vulnerable. This is exactly what Walker has done and I will be proving my point shortly. When are documentary is on line.

    Also you are actually incorrect in your assessment of David Walker and the FTC (federal trade commission). Have you read the court documents? I say this because we are just now finishing up a report on David and you completely misrepresent what the court documents say regarding mortality rates. David Walker did not have an 86% success rate, that is laughable. If you took the time to read what the investigators found out you would have done yourself a service. I would suggest you go to davidwalkermexico.com down load the court documents, read them and then seriously consider removing this page from the internet.

    I would suggest you read the court depositions from Dustin Osborn, Walkers Oncologist and the many other depositions regarding the case.

    This is not a case of the big bad government going after the poor scientist. Far from it. It is a case of someone completely misrepresenting themselves to consumers. When the FTC fined Walker he moved to a small town in Mexico were there is little rule of law and it is easy to bribe health officials and then continue to exploit late stage cancer patients with an unproven protocol.

    I wish this were not the case but it is. If anyone would wish to speak with me regarding this matter I am a simple email away, [email protected]

    When our report is finished you will be saddened to know your were boondoggled by David Walker.

  22. There are some good people doing “the right thing” and the others that try to make money out of other people’s desperation and suffering. If you are a cancer patient, please give yourself a chance and try some alternative treatment. Do your research and stay away from those who want money for their secret cures.
    Cancer cells are produced by our own body and it is precisely our body what can destroy them as easily as it has produced them. The answer is in our diet.
    The relationship between nutrition and health is a fact that has been known for long; however, it is not well defined which components of our diet are biologically active or how they exercise their functional effect.
    Nutritional genomics is the study at a genomic level of the influence that nutrients have over our health. Even when there is a well accepted metabolic individuality that prevents us from obtaining a general answer that could satisfy every human need for nutrition, there could exist a selection of nutrients or basic elements common to every individual that are an essential part in every diet.
    There exist genes that can be related directly with the risk of contracting certain illnesses and it is known that the expression of those genes can be modified by nutrition. Genes interact with elements in human diet modifying cellular metabolism and generating a metabolic change that may be associated with the predisposition and the risk to develop common illnesses.
    Human tendency to certain illnesses has changed considerably in the recent years due mainly to the changes in nutrition and most of all to processed food. Refined foods that constitute a high percentage of our diet lack many of the nutrients they should contain and with inadequate processing they could even generate substances potentially dangerous for our health. Cooking, canning, storage, freezing and other forms of handling our food eliminate many nutrients in most cases. In particular, enzymes are very sensitive to heat as many vitamins and some amino acids; consequently, processed food lacks that original nutritional value that it normally has in its non-processed state.
    Enzymes are proteins produced by our body that act as bio-catalyzers that perform structural and metabolic tasks, stimulate or inhibit hormonal functions, regulate physiological response, control the speed and transmission quality of our nervous system’s signals and control waste secretion. Enzymes are bio-catalyzers that allow the transformation of large quantities of substrates utilized in the production of the different components that are essential for the whole vital process.
    For these processes to occur, every enzymatic system requires the participation of co- enzymes, that is, oligo elements, vitamins and minerals that allow them to fit exactly in the substrates. In contrast with enzymes, co-enzymes degrade with their activity and for that reason they must be constantly replenished. An oligo element deficit could inhibit some enzymatic system resulting in the development of an adverse condition.
    Find that combination and your body will defend itself against most illnesses.
    Give yourself a chance.

  23. http://theysolvedtheproblem.com/rich_1
    Prevennia,,,,,,,break through product of the century,,,,,prevention is key

  24. You know, the Cancer Society is one of the oldest societies around, about 100 yrs old. They claim to be ‘non-profit’ .. really? Also, everytime you hear about a breakthrough cure, all of a sudden, then .. it just kind of goes away. Don’t hear anything anymore. Of course they don’t want to find a cure. After 100 years, all the money, the research, etc … and we have no cure? It would be cheaper to pay the guy off with the research material, etc., tell him, “We’ll give you 5 million dollars a year, set you up anywhere you want in the world, you’ll want for nothing, all expenses paid for the rest of your life for you keeping quiet, buying your research materials., etc” than to lose all those billions of dollars to … find a cure.


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