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Cures for Acid Reflux, a Common Digestive Woe

“To say that something or someone is ‘the bane of my existence’ means
that the person or thing is a constant irritant or source of misery.”

I found this definition on The Word Detective website. This aptly describes the condition of Acid Reflux, which is a health issue that several in my family struggle with.

We have been doing some research, and have come up with some very effective ways to curb the frequency of acid reflux incidents.  Here are a few of the most promising…

  • Drink less water with meals (it waters down your digestive juices, and food takes longer to digest).
  • Fletcherize your food–which means chew until it is liquid before swallowing. Taking smaller bites helps, too.
  • Add fermented condiments to your meal, such as pickles, sauerkraut, fermented veggies.
  • Eliminate fruit, alcohol, any sugar foods for a while if candida is an issue (if you eliminate these foods and your distress lessens, it most likely was)
  • Don’t eat salad or other raw veggies at dinnertime–they produce gas which can cause reflux.
  • Step up probiotics to crowd out the bad bacteria.
  • Have a little plain yogurt for dessert-it is a pro-biotic food.
  • Ice Cream can sometimes cause reflux, especially at night so eat small amounts only.
  • Supplement your diet with Oil of Oregano, which tames mild stomach problems and digestive issues.
  • Chew on 5-10 fennel seeds for instant relief of reflux symptoms.

Much of what I have learned on this subject came from an ebook I purchased from a fellow named William Lagadyn. I highly recommend folks to invest in this book. It has many helpful suggestions for healing from this condition, naturally. He is a wonderful fellow who has done tremendous research on the subject and is familiar with what worked in the cases of many other sufferers.  He is also available for follow up questions about your individual struggle with this pesky problem.

Join our Natural Cures Carnival!

Join our Natural Cures Carnival!

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Our first entry comes from my Bolivian friend, Celinda, who says that in her native country, a natural way to help digestion is to boil prunes and then make a chamomile tea with the prune water. Drinking this prune/chamomile tea will help digestion and have a laxative effect. Thanks, Celinda! Does anyone else have an ethnic remedy to share?

Jeff Rainey from Facebook submits the following: Peppermint cures indigestion. Parsley cures bad breath. Why not Tweet this post and see if we can get more social media entries?

Kelly the Kitchen Kop submits a ferris wheel of ideas again this week: Suffering from Digestive System Problems?

Local Nourishment blog is a frequent commenter and faithful contributor to this carnival, here her hubby speaks of how dietary changes have curbed his acid reflux.

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