Parsley in the eggshell
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Eggshells and Potato to the Rescue!

What is Your Natural Medicine?

Welcome back to the Tuesday blog carnival on Natural Cures!  This week’s theme was inspired by a brand new blog, Scientific Living. The first post on this blog is “What is Natural Medicine?”

My definition of Natural Medicine is “using natural means of addressing health problems, natural solutions that deal with root causes and promote the bodies own tendency to heal itself.”  I am quite impressed with Scientific Living’s articles, and encourage you to check it out–see the first two entries in today’s carnival.

Here are two Natural Medicine ideas, the first shared with me by my Bolivian friend, Celinda, the second by my mother.

In Bolivia, for a cut, scrape or minor burn, they use the inside lining or skin of an eggshell.  Place the wet egg skin on your injury and let it dry.  The egg skin will shrink as it drys  and keep your skin taught underneath.  She says this remedy facilitates healing of the injury and prevents scarring.

Celinda demonstrates how to remove the lining of the egg  in the photos, below.

Mom says that for a bruise, she was told to rub a piece of potato on the bruise to help it heal faster.

This is the link to Scientific Living Blog’s  “What Is Natural Medicine?”

Scientic Living just finished a tremendous 5 part article on curing (yes, CURING) chronic pain! I found some of the insights very helpful!

Try Natural Medicine First!

Try Natural Medicine First!

Now we want to know the natural medicines that work for your family! Please share them with us in the comments or by submitting a blog post or something from your archives.  Here are the instructions for participating in the blog carnival.

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