Drink it Raw, From Grass Fed Cows & Goats!

Drink it Raw, From Grass Fed Cows & Goats!

Raw Milk, Nature’s Perfect Food

Today, our Natural Cures blog carnival theme is Raw Dairy. Please submit your blog articles and comments as to how raw dairy is a beneficial food.

This week, the spotlight is on raw dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt, kefir, cream.

To learn more about the health and nutritional benefits of raw dairy, visit realmilk.com.

Our guest blogger today is Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy. Here is his post on Michael Schmidt and Raw Milk.

Cheeseslave blog from Los Angeles submits Raw Food–50 Ways to Get More Enzymes

Campaign for Real Health blog shares a post about the book, The Milk Diet–A Remedy for Chronic Disease.

Augie submits his series of raw milk articles, videos and cartoons. Two pages of the Table of Contents is here, at the Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop submits her complete collection of raw milk posts!  Whoo HOO!

Hella Delicious blog submits a video of making raw goats milk yogurt!

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration blog submits The War on Good Food.

You are next!

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