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Blog Covers Michael Schmidt and Raw Milk Story in Copious Detail

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For those of you who are familiar with David Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog, The Bovine could be considered its Canadian counterpart. For those of you unfamiliar with The Complete Patient, David Gumpert is a professional journalist who covers the raw milk story from coast to coast in the U.S., both on his blog, and as a freelance journalist. His raw milk controversy coverage has appeared in numerous media outlets, including Business Week and The Nation. He is now working on a book, which will be a culmination of all his research into the food politics on both sides of this issue. David travels the country, and sits in courtrooms where raw dairy farmers are being prosecuted. He attends and participates in panel discussions at food safety conferences. He interviews extensively every one involved, every time a raw milk “incident” occurs.

This is where the two blogs differ. The Bovine blogger doesn’t appear to be a journalist, but is an anonymous blogger who covers the Michael Schmidt side of the story. In contrast, this blogger writes to get the truth past what seems to be a media bias against fair coverage of the raw milk issue in Canada. Not that some positive and balanced press coverage hasn’t been done, but the Canadian government and some politicians seem to have done an excellent job of marginalizing raw milk consumers as too small a percentage of the population to worry about.

Consequently, Michael Schmidt and his raw dairy fans seem to get short shrift.

From my reading of The Bovine, it is thorough, exhaustive coverage from an average concerned citizen, the kind of blogging that made blogging famous.  This blog digs deeply into the issue, and much more than is possible from a journalist in a typical, busy, newsroom. Because of staying on this narrow topic and continually digging down into it, this blog is now an incredibly valuable resource to anyone who wants to study and learn more about the controversy.

I guess you could say, The Bovine is a Bow Wow, because this newshound has a nose for raw milk news, and keeps digging in the dirt to find those valuable bones. This Bovine bird dog keeps pointing toward the truth and certainly is Michael Schmidt’s best friend.

Here are some excerpts from recent articles on The Bovine:

Glencolton Farms To Transition Away from Cowshare Business Model

“In recent years cow-share members have paid $300 for a cow-share, which lasts for six years and then has to be renewed with payment of another $300. This system is being phased out over a two-year period and in it’s place, a farm-share system is being instituted. The concept of the cow-share was fractional ownership of an actual cow, with the underlying general idea that you’d be getting milk from your “own” cow.

Under the new farm-share system, each member or member-family will pay $2,000 as a farm share, which will be refundable in full without interest or dividends, if at some future time the member no longer wishes to receive milk from the farm. Access to milk from the farm could be viewed as a dividend from this share. Here the concept is not so much cow-based, as farm-based. Instead of owning part of a cow, you become part owner of the farm itself and therefore you are more of a farmer than you would be just owning part of a cow.”

Read the entire article:

Moving from Cow Share to Farm Share–Glencolton Farms Looks to the Future

Michael Schmidt Arrested in Protest Against Dump Site Which Threatens Pristine Water

“Raw milk activist and dairy farmer Michael Schmidt from Durham in Grey County was arrested today after spending several hours blocking Dump Site 41 Gate 2

“We all have to prevent Site 41 from opening,” he said in a statement. “The cry for help to protect all our water has been getting through too slow. Already thousands of people have been protesting. It seems that this is not enough because the powers that be are not listening. We need more people.”

Schmidt said he knew about the injunction that prohibits anyone from blocking trucks or stopping construction.

“If you now become a criminal when you protect water, protect the environment, protect our land then I have to be a criminal, if that is what it takes to protect the future for our children.”

Read the entire article:

From Raw Milk to Water, Farmer Michael Schmidt Takes a Stand

Natural Disaster Hits Glencolton Farm

“Michael Schmidt is looking for volunteer help from cowshare members and friends to help clear tornado damage which includes a busted barn and many downed trees on a 200 acre farm which he rents and which is located just down the road from the main farm. Fortunately, heifers who were out in a field when the tornado passed through Thursday afternoon, were not harmed.

Power has been out at both farms since yesterday afternoon and is not expected to be restored quickly as there are big trees lying across the downed power lines. Even the wind generator that Michael installed last year is not working since it is tied into a net-metering system and can only generate power when the grid is functioning.”

Read the entire article:
Adversity Strikes Glencolton Farms, This Time It’s a Tornado

What is emerging on this blog, is a fascinating portrait of a man, who is valiantly taking a stand against the insensitive modernity that is overruling common sense and burying Canada’s farming heritage.

Thanks, Bow Wow!

Whoops, I mean Bovine!


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