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An Anonymous Blog by a Concerned Citizen of Illinois

I would like to praise the Weston A. Price Foundation’s lawsuit on behalf of Illinois prisoners to end the high soy in their diet. I would like to, also, respond to the critics about the lawsuit. I will start out by saying that my loved one is in an Illinois prison for driving on a revoked license, no alcohol, no drugs. He also has a pre-existing medical issue from an accident 10 years ago. Since his incarceration 1 year ago, he has put on 50 pounds due to the diet. He has developed digestive problems that range from stomach upset and pain, extreme weight gain (which causes him to be in pain most of the time) acid reflux, heart burn, severe constipation (only goes once every 2-3 days even though he takes fiber laxative 2 times everyday), the feeling that his skin is going to rip apart because it is so bloated, and difficulty urinating (hello..could it be an enlarged prostate?). The effects that the soy diet has had on my loved one could lead to life long medical problems. In his case, the extra weight is the reason he is in pain most of the time because of his medical condition, he cannot handle it. It has therefore led to many other medical problems.

Will they most likely be life long medical problems? We won’t know the exact answer to that question until he is released and can finally receive adequate medical care. For now, his only option is to live in constant pain as his medical condition worsens day by day. For anyone to say that the medical care in Illinois prisons is acceptable, I challenge you to speak with a family of an inmate. Or attend a Prison Reform Committee meeting. I have first hand knowledge about how terrible the medical care is in Illinois prisons. There have been very suspicious deaths of inmates, cancer patients that do not get the surgery needed or any chemo or radiation, diabetics that are afraid to take insulin because they will not get their food in time before diabetic shock can occur, chronic pain patients that do not get any relief. These are human beings…the forgotten ones.

For those of you that think all prisoners are violent offenders of adults and children, you are so very wrong. Many of the men and woman in prison are in prison for very minor infractions. What most people do not realize is that the more people in prison the more money the government and private industry makes. I hope and pray that the people opposed to treating prisoners humanly, never have to experience having a ill loved one in prison. There is not one person in the world that can sit and say that they know that will never happen. After all, there are 45,000 prisoners in Illinois.

Note from Kimberly: Unbeknownst to this guest blogger, the complaint that the Weston A. Price Foundation has filed, cites retaliation against prisoners who have had the courage to complain about their food. This blogger asked to be nameless, for fear of just such retaliation against his/her loved one who is incarcerated. I want to thank this blogger for telling my readers this heartbreaking story. For more information, visit the Weston A. Price Foundation press room.

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