Can of snot-filled tissue
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H1N1 Hijacks Natural Cures Blog Carnival

Ok, now don’t laugh. After all my blogging about natural cures, nourishing foods and immune building strategies, I have come down with the flu. Not totally sure it is H1N1, but my husband thinks so. His research says it is the only flu that has struck our community, so far.

Health Blogger Struck Down By Flu!

Health Blogger Struck Down By Flu!

Since I am feeling a little punk, here’s the deal. The blog carnival today is now declared a “Get Me Well” carnival!

Please send all your flu fighting strategies my way, in hopes of helping me and all those other stricken with the flu folks out there! Post them in the comments or submit a past blog post that you think might be helpful!

Oh, and by the way, this will make you laugh.  I was doing a publicity project about the H1N1 virus for an ad agency when the virus hit. Took me right out of commission. That’s a vicious virus, it gave up all that publicity just to get a natural cures advocate to take Tamiflu!

In the way of explanation, we had Tamiflu stockpiled from the bird flu scare. And, I heard it worked great to help my nephew lick his flu.  So, even though I am taking Vitamin C and other natural supplements, I am downing 2 a day.

So, that’s what is going on here, and why I didn’t publish a blog post yesterday.

You’re Next!

Here’s a great blog on swine flu I found on The Silver Cloud Diet blog.

Devon H.  twittered me to eat chicken soup and gave me this link for herbs