Manna Storehouse Sheep Feed On Lush Green Pasture

Manna Storehouse Sheep Feed On Lush Green Pasture

Small Farmer and Food Coop Owner Begs Ohioans to Vote No on Issue 2

by Jackie Stowers, Manna Storehouse

Issue 2 on our ballot is a sign of how dangerous and serious things are getting not only for farmers, but everyone who cherishes the good in nature and desires to live according to God’s natural laws and harmony in His creation. Taking an “issue” and making it an amendment to the constitution is bringing more opposition to standing firm in our beliefs.

Manna Sheep May Soon Be Tended by Bureaucrats

Manna Sheep May Soon Be Tended by Bureaucrats

Our freedom of choice is a gift from God, and any man that thinks they can take that away or any government or organization that thinks they can take that away are taking God’s place and His authority in our lives. We need to rise above that and be willing to stand firm and cherish our choices and be responsible for how we use them.

Now, practically, for any farmer, small or large, this is going to either open the way for or replace NAIS. If this is passes and is a part of our constitution, laws can be passed defining what a farmer can and cannot do according to a group of appointed persons who may or may not have anything to do with farming. There was a town meeting in Columbus about this issue, and a woman on the panel said her husband is a farmer and that farmers do not know how to manage their farms; thus this is to “help” the farmers in their management. I disagree (and am offended) with this.

Sustainable farmers are responsible, skilled, and knowledgeable about their farming practices and management. This is just ONE example of how one-sided this issue is and how those behind implementing it are coming from a biased, planned agenda and perspective. The rhetoric they are using does not go along with what this is actually going to do and everything right now is so general and abstract that as usual, it allows for any type of implementation once it is put in place. This is what makes this very dangerous.

Small farmers will become extinct because they will not be able to meet the “standards” the board will lay out.

Please join me in voting no on Issue 2.

Jackie Stowers and her family run an organic food buying coop called Manna Storehouse in Ohio. She also raises livestock on her small farm. She is currently suing the state of Ohio for a SWAT raid on her farm that lasted for hours. She and her children were held hostage by armed men while her home was ransacked and the family’s food, as well as, coop food belonging to her members was seized.

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