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Everyday Citizen Challenges Regulators Over Food Freedom, Raw Milk Possession

Bob Hayles has decided to stage a showdown with Georgia state agricultural regulators. He is aghast over the wanton destruction of wholesome food which was the private property of Georgia residents, who had purchased it from a South Carolina dairy.   There is currently a ban of interstate transportation of raw milk across state lines for the purpose of selling it.

Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, has sponsored a bill to end the ban. Here is an OpedNews commentary that Pete Kennedy and I wrote in favor of the bill.

According to the FDA official during the raid, even private citizens are forbidden to transport raw milk across state lines for personal consumption.

For those of you who had not seen the video of the milk pouring party instigated by FDA inspectors and the Georgia Health Commissioner, here are the videos, toward the end of the first video, the impromptu protest speeches and children chanting “Raw Milk is Good for You,” are worth waiting for:

Bob Hayles and several others have invited the media to watch him stand up to the over zealous regulators. He wants to publicly challenge those who would so broadly interpret a law aimed at sellers, that they trample on the rights of citizens. They plan to purchase raw dairy in South Carolina, and then transport it back into Georgia. But, they will not surrender it to authorities if confronted.

…the war on raw milk you and your ilk wage is a demonstration to the public that you consider us stupid…far too stupid to be allowed to make our own nutritional choices…and that you, the nanny-state, must make those choices for us because of that stupidity.–Bob Hayles

See Bob’s Open Letter to the Ag Commissioner on his blog.

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