Chaffin Family Mandarins

Chaffin Family Mandarins

Chaffin Family Mandarins, High Definition in Taste

One of the fringe benefits of blogging, is that you are offered products to review. Last week, Chaffin Family Orchards sent our family a 15 lb box of mandarin oranges, and asked us to give them a try. Now, I must tell you, I have never in my life seen or tasted a fresh mandarin orange. Like most of America, I thought they grew in cans!

My husband, Keith, opened the box. He insisted they were tangerines.

“No, honey, they are mandarins.” It took me saying it three times for it to sink in. We are both virgins when it comes to mandarins, it seems. They look identical to tangerines. They peel like tangerines.

Keith took one, opened it up and took one bite and went into spasms of delight. I had the same reaction.

“Oh, my gosh, the flavor, it is high definition,” I said. I have never tasted a citrus fruit with such intense flavor. Perhaps, it is the “beyond organic” standards practiced on the farm that contribute to the flavor, or the short time from picking to shipping direct to my door. The farm is not certified organic, but takes great pride in its growing practices.

“We have to order a box of these to give as Christmas gifts!”, exclaimed Keith, with enthusiasm.

I have already order the box, 15 lbs is quite a few tangerines, and we can make lovely gift baskets for quite  a number of folks on our list. I think the senior citizens, especially will enjoy them, and they are tough to buy for.

Because they are seedless, these mandarins are perfect for using in recipes. So far, we have tossed them on salad (Keith’s favorite salad), used them for snacks on the go, and made raw milk ice cream. I plan to make a souffle with them, over the holidays.

Here is my recipe, this looks and tastes a little like a Dreamsicle:

Kimberly’s Mandarin Orange & Vanilla Bean Raw Milk Ice Cream

2 cups raw cream

1 cup raw milk

2 egg yolks (from pasture-raised hens)

2 cups pureed mandarins (around 8-10 fruit)

1 tsp vanilla

1 vanilla bean, halved lengthwise and scraped, toss away peel (optional)

1/4 to 1/2 cup Grade B Maple Syrup (or whatever real maple syrup you have on hand)


Peel and scrape pith off of mandarins, place in food processor or blender. Puree until all the membrane is broken up and the mixture is fully liquid. Measure out 2 cups of puree. In large mixing bowl (that will fit in your freezer to pre-chill).

Mix all of the above ingredients, adding enough maple syrup to your desired sweetness. We use only 1/4 cup, but other families will want to add more.

Chill for 15-20 minutes in your freezer.

Add batter to your ice cream maker (we use a Cuisinart), and run for 20 minutes or until mounds form.

Transfer into smaller containers and freeze until serving. If you like ice cream soft you can eat some right away, but for firmer ice cream, make it 3-4 hours ahead and then freeze until serving. Let sit on the counter for 10 minutes till it thaws a little, and it will be easier to dish up.

My camera is broken or I would show you a picture of the finished product. See my other ice cream recipes to see how it should look when it is done. Here is the Mocha Ice Cream recipe the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe is in related posts below.

To order a box of mandarins in time for your holiday festivities, please visit the Chaffin Family Orchards website. The farm is located in California.

Or, call them: 530-533-1676 Ranch Office, 530-533-8239 Product Availability Message

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