Mama goat and twin babies
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Outrage of the Week: Law Abiding Goat Farmer Being Harrassed Out of the Market

As if our struggling economy wasn’t enough to contend with, now we have bureaucrats deliberately trying to run farmers out of business by creating higher, more expensive hurdles for them to jump. The most recent example of this is in South Dakota.

This is when you know the government is too big. They start making work projects for themselves that interfer with the peaceable and enterprising. Instead of fostering the growth of a young, successful dairy goat business, these unelected officials have decided to kill it instead. For shame.

Read this of travesty of fair trade in this letter to the editor:

After this letter ran, and it circulated through social media and blogs, the proposed laws were withdrawn. We need to be vigilant, though. We can’t be sure it won’t be introduced in another form.

Fight Back Fridays Blog Carnival

Fight Back Fridays Blog Carnival

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