Thomas Salonis Wants to Help Prisoners Obtain Soy Free Diet

Thomas Salonis Wants to Help Prisoners Obtain Soy Free Diet

Major Media Outlet Breaks the Story of Toxic Prison Food

Monica Eng of the Chicago Tribune attended the press conference and the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions conference in November 2009. Here is a link to her story about the prison soy lawsuit that WAPF is funding, to warn the public and institutional food providers of the dangers of modern, processed soy foods, particularly, soy protein isolate.

Here is an excerpt from her story:

Soy in Illinois prison diets prompts lawsuit over health effects

Group says plant protein causes problems for inmates

by Monica Eng, Chicago Tribune

Soy-enhanced chili mac, turkey patties with soy, soy-studded country gravy, soy-blend hot dogs, soy-spiked sloppy joes, Polish sausages packed with soy, soy chicken patties.

These aren’t items from the latest vegetarian diet, but rather dishes served over a week at Danville Correctional Center, according to a recent menu.

They’re also the basis of a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court this summer by nine plaintiffs who allege that the Illinois Department of Corrections is endangering the health of the inmates — especially those with allergies, sensitivities and existing gastrointestinal and thyroid problems — by serving them too much soy.

Follow this link to the entire story, (be sure and notice the sidebars):,0,5389183,full.story