Raw Milk Solves Lactose Intolerance, IBS, and Tummy Aches for One Family

Hey, Mom, No More Tummy Aches!

Hey, Mom, No More Tummy Aches!

An Open Letter to my Raw Dairy Farmer

by Torie Hadjis
You are doing amazing things!  I was thinking about the benefits your milk has had on my family.

I knew that my husband could drink it even though he is lactose intolerant, but okay, that made sense.  I knew it took care of my IBS…but again that makes sense too.  But there are two other things that have really surprised me.  First off, our daughter for the last 2 years has always complained of her tummy hurting.  She never wants to eat because it makes her tummy hurt.  So, I didn’t make her for a while.  Then I started thinking that maybe her tummy was hurting because of hunger pains.  So I started making her eat.  Then she would just complain after the meal that her tummy hurt.

I discussed the possibility of Raw Milk with a pediatrician, and although she ‘hated’ the idea, she did admit to me that her brother drinks raw milk and his whole family says it has benefited them.  In the end, she consented to me ‘trying’ Raw Milk.  (LOL, not like I needed her permission.)  Anyhow…it wasn’t until about a month after we started drinking your milk that my husband and I realized that our daughter has not complained of a tummy ache since drinking your milk!!!  Not once.  We didn’t even realize the complaining had stopped until my husband and I were talking about it and I said, “Wait a second…she hasn’t been complaining of tummy aches”.  He said, “Oh yeah, you’re right”.

Also, my friend has had terrible back pains for over a year.  She says her back ‘goes out’.  There are some days that she has to stay in bed all day.  She has gone to the chiropractor and one visit even made her back worse.  Well…after drinking your milk her back is fine!  Neither she or I believed it, until I started doing some research and found out that an unhealthy gut can affect all areas of your body, ESPECIALLY your back.  Who knew such a simple change could do so much!

Anyhow, I really want to thank you.  You have changed our household in an amazing way!  Thank you so much!


Torie Hadjis

Raw Milk Enthusiast

Note from Kimberly: Torie did her research. She visited a raw dairy farm for a tour, got to know her farmer and his practices before she ever tried his milk. Readers, the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Campaign for Real Milk recommends you do the same. Be safety conscious, get to know your farmer, and drink only raw milk from 100% grass fed cows. Buy your raw milk from a sanitary farm, where the cows and milk are tested either by the state or by a private lab.


  1. I’m so happy that raw milk helped this family! I love these kinds of stories!
    .-= robin´s last blog ..Almond Flour Cookbook Giveaway! =-.

  2. mark mcafee says:

    This is exactly why I produce raw milk in CA….it is for families and kids and their health.

    When I got this email….I had to step out side for a good cry…it filled me with purpose ( again ). This happens frequenty. What a blessing for me and especially the families that can prevent and heal themselves from the sterile American foods they have been tricked into eating for so many years.

    Food is the original medicine.

    Mark Mcafee

  3. Wonderful story. We are raw milk converts. I never knew what pasteurized milk was doing to us until – after being on raw milk for a few months – we drank some (alcohol-free) eggnog made with a heavy dose of ultra-pasteurized cream in it. We were bloated and uncomfortable for the rest of the night. I feel the same way if I eat ice cream made from pasteurized milk now. Just awful. We never even suffered from major digestive upsets and we can still tell the difference. A huge thanks to all the great farmers out there producing quality raw milk!
    .-= Elizabeth Walling´s last blog ..Frightening Food: Scary Soy Stories =-.

  4. Stanley Fishman says:

    What a great story. Only real foods heal. I cannot even begin to express my thanks to those wonderful farmers and ranchers who make it available.

    Kimberly, great advice!

  5. What a powerful story! Raw milk contains some potent anti inflammatory substances, throw away the aspirin, ibuprofen and tylenol which cause damage to the body. It also contains many, many nutritional components which are not obtainable elsewhere in one neat, tasty, little package. And the calcium from raw milk is absorbable, not like the calcium contained in processed milk.

    I found that raw milk kiefer has changed my life and my good bacteria are now in the majority.

    Thank your for sharing such an amazing experience.

    Sylvia Onusic, PhD

  6. Kimberly, this story brings tears to my eyes as well, and I’m going to forward it to a family with a son who has Crohns Disease. Until now they haven’t been open to more natural treatments, but I’m hoping this story will lead them to healing.


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