David E. Gumpert covers business and farming issues.

David E. Gumpert

Research, Dialogue, Informed Choice Sought by Agriculture Academics

Rutgers University is leading the way to helping our nation resolve our raw milk controversy. A series of lectures is being sponsored by the New Jersey University’s Agricultural Experiment Station to help people understand the issues and provide science-based information about raw milk. Here is your invitation to the next seminar, and links to all the past lectures!

Past speakers in the Rutgers series have included Gary Cox of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund and Mark McAfee of California’s Organic Pastures Dairy.

The next lecture in the series is, The Raw Revolution, by David Gumpert.  David E. Gumpert specializes in reporting and writing about health and food issues. He is the author of a new book, The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Struggle Over Food Rights.

David Gumpert writes for a number of publications, including BusinessWeek.com and Grist.org. In 2009, Mr. Gumpert was invited to make a presentation to a special symposium at the American Veterinary Medical Association’s annual convention, on “The Raw Milk Conundrum: The Interplay of Science, Policy, and Free Choice”.

Gumpert also writes a popular blog, The Complete Patient, which over the last three years has aggressively covered a number of health and regulatory issues.

The author lecture will include a book signing. If you’d like to attend, here are the details:

January 29, 2010
2:00 pm, Cook Campus, Marine Science Building, Alampi Auditorium
Rutgers University, 71 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Lecture and Booksigning for Raw Milk Revolution

Lecture and Booksigning for Raw Milk Revolution

Co-sponsored by:
Rutgers New Jersey Agriculture Experiment Station
Rutgers University Slow Food
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey

Free and open to the public, no reservations required
Directions available at http://maps.rutgers.edu/directions.aspx?id=92
For more information, contact Dr. Joseph Heckman, email: heckman@aesop.rutgers.edu

Links to Past Rutgers University Raw Milk Seminars:

1) Raw Milk, Mother Nature’s Inconvenient Truth by Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures Dairy: http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/20080515/n1

2) Raw Milk Wars, Government’s Attempt to Dictate What Foods We Can Consume, David G. Cox, Attorney at Law, Lane, Alton & Horst LLC: http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/20080612/nf1

3) Raw Milk, A Microbiology Primer, Dr. Mark Gebhart, MD, Wright State University http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/20080717/n1

4) A Risk Assessor Takes a Look at Raw Milk, Dr. Don Schaffner, http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/20080911/n1