British Heart Surgeon Wants Butter Banned

Butter is Better Protest

Phil Ridley Stages a "Butter is Better" Protest

WAPF Chapter Leader Stages Protest, Hew and Cry from Commenters

by Phil Ridley, Weston A. Price Chapter Leader -London England

Dr. Shyan Kolvekar was reported widely calling to ban butter and Britain’s Food Standards Agency is conducting a campaign against saturated fats, even though the evidence shows that the artificial fats in margarine and vegetable oils cause heart disease, in partnership with refined sugar and white flour, which confuse the liver into producing harmful fats.

So I decided to confront the bureaucrats directly and hand out Butter is Better flyers to the hospital where Dr. Kolvekar works. The printers seem to have supported me, because I asked for 300 flyers, and they printed well over 1000. The stack was 4 inches at least and it took me 14 hours to get rid of them. I left the hospital after they issued me a retraction, distancing themselves from his comments and I then moved onto the Food Standards Agency, blitzing them with hundreds of flyers for seven whole hours.

The response was interesting. Two doctors came out early on trying to get me to move on. One called the Police, who must have chuckled at a grown man reporting somebody for handing out nutritional advice! He tried to trick me to move but could only ask me to not block the entrance. He swiftly admitted that protest is still lawful in England and crawled back into the office, tail between his legs. Later on that day, an employee told me that this doctor walks in after lunch, every day, with a glass of wine in his hand! It was particularly nice to have smiles from members of Dr. Shyan’s team. They clearly didn’t agree with him.

Most people were very receptive, some wanted more information, but there were one or two who said “ban it”. If we don’t stand up to that minority o’ thugs who desire to control others, they will rule us.

It was fun to have the canteen manager pop up and ask advice about nutrition, and one Irish chap explained how Irish used to consume lots of beef drippings, but that government bought in regulations that made it difficult and expensive to produce, so they effectively outlawed it via restrictive regulations. This would be how butter would be banned in England, and that process is currently underway.

The funniest response was from men with thick Cockney (London) accents “Theye wanna Bayn bu”er?”!!

I left after the medical director came down and provided me the retraction, shown below. They were clearly embarrassed at the attention and wanted nothing to do with it.

Butter Banning Not Their Idea, Says Hospital

Butter Banning Not Their Idea, Says Hospital

The Food Standards Agency was the next stop. I would hand over the flyers and say “Butter is Better”. Some would say “No it isn’t” but they again were the minority. I had one interesting conversation where a lady who studied nutrition claimed that I wasn’t qualified to debate her. She was chewing gum with aspartame in it! I explained to her about aspartame and the role of refined sugar and white flour, which made her think a bit. Maybe I planted a seed there?

Some people would smile at the novelty of somebody caring about butter! Thankfully a number of people people said that the demonizing of butter was nonsense and almost all the comments on articles online are rallying against the proposal to ban butter. Hopefully the introduction to the Weston A. Price Foundation to these people provides a counterbalance to propaganda. Hopefully Doctors and the FSA understand that the London Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation will educate their staff next time they attempt to spread disinfo!

Philip Ridley

Philip Ridley

Philip Ridley is the Weston A. Price Chapter Leader for London, England. He is organizing the first Wise Traditions UK Conference ever held in Europe, in London on March 21st. See details on Contact Philip at at Here is his recent blog about this butter flap.

Note from Kimberly: Here is the link to the news article that motivated Phil’s protest, notice the comments are overwhelmingly on the side of butter!

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  1. Elizabeth Fox says:

    ‘Tis SUGAR that is the evil one – that and CORN SYRUP (a product which delivers a ‘sugar hit’ faster than any other). When it comes to saturated fats, it is good to keep them to a minimum in a healthy diet but the Food Industry doesn’t exactly tell you the whole truth when, in the small print, they list ‘vegetable fat’ in a their processed foods. Some vegetable fats are unsaturated but SOME are SATURATED such as COCONUT, PALM AND PALM KERNAL OILS – and are used in much of the processed food on offer in all the supermarkets. Butter isn’t a natural choice for inclusion in processed foods. It is much more likely to be used in domestic circumstances such as home baking or on a hot toasted crumpet! Mmmm! Butter is Better By Far!
    The Food Industry now includes SUGAR and its substitutes in all kinds of foods which hitherto never required them. You can now buy canned beans which have SALT and SUGAR in them – when WATER is quite sufficient. All that additional SUGAR and SUGAR SUBSTITUTES do to our palates is to make us crave the taste of sugar and make us more addicted to it. Something which must please the Food Industry, although not our doctors and dentists.

  2. Ha! The heart surgeon wants to ban butter? How rich. Perhaps he wants more clients? (I say only somewhat sarcastically.)

    Banning butter would certainly be a great way to increase the number of people who have heart disease…

    The data is clear – saturated fats are not to blame. Butter, lard, and unrefined coconut oil are all healthy fats. Meats too as long as the animals were raised naturally (pastured/ grass fed) and not stuffed with soy, corn, and junk food like potato chips and reject candies (I’m not joking – some cattle are being fed stuff like this).

    People tend to forget that we had very little heart disease back before the 1950’s. Think about what we ate (and didn’t eat!) back then.

    Nowhere in our diets were polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, and trans fats.

    An excellent article that covers all this saturated fat mythology can be found at Men’s Health “What if Bad Fat is Actually Good for You?”
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Organic Body Products Are You Really Buying Organic? =-.

  3. Stanley Fishman says:

    Kolvekars attack on butter was released by KTB, a public relations company that works for the maker of Flora Margarine. Ban butter, sell more margarine.

    The Swiss that were studied by Dr. Weston A Price ate huge amounts of pure butter from grassfed cows. They had no heart disease. None.

    I know many people whose joint pain disappeared after they added grassfed butter to their diet. And none of them have heart disease.

    Phil, Well done1

  4. Great job, Phil! I wish I was still in the UK to protest with you. I love your account of the cockney accents. Maybe next time you could bring a camera man along and post it on Youtube. Sounds like the protest was both entertaining and educational!

  5. Elizabeth–There is no reason to minimize saturated fats in the diet. Your body needs saturated fat and it will get it any way it can. Either it’s going to get it from saturated fat in your diet or it will make it on its own from the carbs you eat. Which is going to elevate your insulin? The carbs. Chronically elevated insulin is one of the risk factors of heart disease. It destroys the endothelial lining in your arteries, which must be repaired somehow. Enter cholesterol, which is used to shore up the arteries, causing them to harden and narrow.

    The problem with cholesterol being used that way is if it’s being used for a patch job, it’s not being used for other purposes, such as creating cardiotonics which keep your heart healthy.

    There are other pieces to the puzzle that is chronic heart disease but that’s a big one.

  6. I agree with banning the butter that comes from factory farmed corn and soy eating cows – but butter from pastured healthy vibrant cows – WELL NOW – I am sure the good Doctor has never tasted that…. so – butter is not always butter…

  7. Fantastic work!

    I’ve started a facebook group: “Do not ban butter – it is a healthy fat!”

    Come and join – it would be good to get a few thousand on it and get some publicity!

  8. Great article Kimberly! The thing about butter must be going around because I just posted something today on my blog about butter, margarine, and other fake fats. It’s great to know there are smart people out there working overtime to preserve the reputation of real fats and present accurate and reliable documentation to satisfy those who are willing to acquiesce. And hopefully over time, it will sink in to some of the more stubborn individuals, too.

  9. Well done, excellent proactive work. We need more people like you to expose the lies of nutrition.

    there is nothing wrong with saturated fat, and nothing wrong with butter!

  10. Am I the only person that thinks this is a massive over-rection? Or maybe even a publicity stunt? There is no risk at all of butter being banned in the UK, I live here and saw the article. There is something every week about saturated fats, butter, cheese, meat etc but there’s no real need to stand outside places in order to get a reaction. This protest just seemed a little premature and stirring up issues can often lead to ban’s. I’m quite happy with the way the UK is now and don’t want any unessessary attention drawn to these issues. It’s old news now and not likely to rear its head again till the press run out of stories.

  11. Louise, this did occur to me, but, the establishment talk about demonizing saturated fat because, in the long run, they intend to ban it, primarily because butter competes with corporate manufacturing, but I think eugenics comes into it because people will have lower fertility and less ability to think and question authority if they stop consuming saturated fats. These people don’t play games, and our lack of resistance will be seen by them as submission. Banning will be incremental via regulations if we don’t stand up, as it has been to date. As Lord Stern said, a successful Copenhagen Treaty will regulate meat out of the market, but he couldn’t get away with it if we all stood up and simply told the truth.

  12. Fantastic Phil – nice work. I was livid when I read that insane article. If you ever need any help with similar food-nonsense, let me know. I was wondering the other day how much it would cost to send a copy of Good Calories, Bad Calories to every GP in the country… 🙂

  13. John Benson says:

    Well done Phil.

    When will people wake up and realise that saturated fat is not bad (in moderation)?

    I find it very frustrating that the government is more than happy to promote low fat, low salt etc, but that they do not seem to care that they tend to be full of refined sugar, carbs etc.

    In my uneducated opinion, the less that one does to something, the better – butter is pretty basic and there is not that much which can be done to it.

    Heart disease on the scale that we now see it is a modern phenomenon – if anything, I would image that as the amount of saturated fat eaten has decreased, heart disease has probably increased.

    Good luck with your protests Phil and let us know if we can do anything to help!

  14. Passing by.. says:

    If the incongruities between the ‘lipid’ and the ‘cholesterol’ hypotheses and the emergent, but suppressed, ‘inflammation hypothesis’ are not resolved then the following will happen.
    1, The incidence of ill health will rise.
    2, People will be indentured to a life taking prescribed medication.
    3, The cost of treatment will rise to the point it will precipitate an economic crisis; like we need another one.
    4, People will be indentured to the rising rates of taxation; as if the deficit is not bad enough already.
    5, Proposed solutions to food security will be tested against and increasingly contested and discredited paradigm. So there is risk.
    then 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

    The ‘lipid’ and ‘cholesterol’ hypotheses suit the corporate. If they are not valid, and it is not my place to judge, then they should be debated by those place it is, free from corporate bias. Write a letter to the papers, comment beneath online editions. The alternative is the Inflammation Hypothesis and it should be debated. The link is not perfect, try googleing ‘inflammation hypothesis” for other results.
    Inflammation may have several diet and lifestyle causes but the simplest thing to pick up on is that certain oils provoke inflammation and those oils generally enter the diet via rising consumption of vegetable oils.Messages don’t pass around the body like they should, and in time you get sick.

    Seize the moment, blog, comment, comment beneath online editions, write letters to editors, pester, pester everybody. Do all you can to provoke turf wars between butter an marg, because debate should follow.
    Leave polite sentiment for FSA Chief Scientist on his blog.

    Experts ought to be able to agree, that they can’t is a measure of how much bias and manipulation stems from the corporate agenda.

    Here is a good resource.

    I’ll get back to ya, soon

  15. Martin Levac says:

    Why would butter be worse than vegetable oil? Maybe it’s the saturated fat. But this recent story tells us saturated fat is, at worse, harmless:
    (look for where he quotes the study in question)

    But seriously, good for you that you oppose the tyrants. But don’t be so truthful next time and give them a bit of their own medicine by lying about their shoe size or their hair color or something of the sort. Better yet, lie about the Flora margarine saying things like “it’s full of warts and it’s contagious”. No really, it doesn’t matter if it’s even possible, as long as it scares people into not buying it. Just like the surgeon does with saturated fat, really.

  16. Martin, that is a genius idea. We could stage a protest claiming that Flora is made by Martians who are blasting our immune system prior to invasion. We could call it Dairy Farmers against Martian Invasion?! I could attempt to expose the Doc for being a double agent?! Or, maybe not, but, I think there could be something here to think about!! Like, somehow making their lying look super ridiculous by mocking it. Great train of thought. Comedy is power.

  17. I remember years ago reading about some very young siblings who actually died because their food intake was so low in fat. Their well-intentioned but ill-informed parents had thought that a low fat diet was healthy for children.

    The evil that results from the unevidenced advice churned out by influential individuals and agencies, most of them state-funded, is monumental in its scale. – ‘The evil that men do lives after them.’ – a dreadful legacy.

  18. “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.”
    Thomas Jefferson (1778)

  19. Well done Phil! I blogged about this madness, many of the people above did, but you went so much further and lobbied the old fashioned way. Brilliant! You should be proud of what you’re doing for people’s health.

    The best stat in my blog was – we eat 1.4kilos of flour per person per week in the UK and 731g of sugar per person per week and 39g of butter. How can anyone be so absurd to suggest that butter is responsible for any modern illness, be it obesity, heart disease, Diabetes, cancer whatever. Um, I wonder if it could be the 1150 calories per person per DAY coming from the flour and sugar, which the body has had no time to evolve to adapt to, which could be responsible…
    Zoe Harcombe
    .-= zoe harcombe´s last blog ..January 2010 Club Email =-.

  20. Carrisa Valantine says:

    Fantastic article! I wish I could have been there! 😀


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