Butter is Better Protest

Phil Ridley Stages a "Butter is Better" Protest

WAPF Chapter Leader Stages Protest, Hew and Cry from Commenters

by Phil Ridley, Weston A. Price Chapter Leader -London England

Dr. Shyan Kolvekar was reported widely calling to ban butter and Britain’s Food Standards Agency is conducting a campaign against saturated fats, even though the evidence shows that the artificial fats in margarine and vegetable oils cause heart disease, in partnership with refined sugar and white flour, which confuse the liver into producing harmful fats.

So I decided to confront the bureaucrats directly and hand out Butter is Better flyers to the hospital where Dr. Kolvekar works. The printers seem to have supported me, because I asked for 300 flyers, and they printed well over 1000. The stack was 4 inches at least and it took me 14 hours to get rid of them. I left the hospital after they issued me a retraction, distancing themselves from his comments and I then moved onto the Food Standards Agency, blitzing them with hundreds of flyers for seven whole hours.

The response was interesting. Two doctors came out early on trying to get me to move on. One called the Police, who must have chuckled at a grown man reporting somebody for handing out nutritional advice! He tried to trick me to move but could only ask me to not block the entrance. He swiftly admitted that protest is still lawful in England and crawled back into the office, tail between his legs. Later on that day, an employee told me that this doctor walks in after lunch, every day, with a glass of wine in his hand! It was particularly nice to have smiles from members of Dr. Shyan’s team. They clearly didn’t agree with him.

Most people were very receptive, some wanted more information, but there were one or two who said “ban it”. If we don’t stand up to that minority o’ thugs who desire to control others, they will rule us.

It was fun to have the canteen manager pop up and ask advice about nutrition, and one Irish chap explained how Irish used to consume lots of beef drippings, but that government bought in regulations that made it difficult and expensive to produce, so they effectively outlawed it via restrictive regulations. This would be how butter would be banned in England, and that process is currently underway.

The funniest response was from men with thick Cockney (London) accents “Theye wanna Bayn bu”er?”!!

I left after the medical director came down and provided me the retraction, shown below. They were clearly embarrassed at the attention and wanted nothing to do with it.

Butter Banning Not Their Idea, Says Hospital

Butter Banning Not Their Idea, Says Hospital

The Food Standards Agency was the next stop. I would hand over the flyers and say “Butter is Better”. Some would say “No it isn’t” but they again were the minority. I had one interesting conversation where a lady who studied nutrition claimed that I wasn’t qualified to debate her. She was chewing gum with aspartame in it! I explained to her about aspartame and the role of refined sugar and white flour, which made her think a bit. Maybe I planted a seed there?

Some people would smile at the novelty of somebody caring about butter! Thankfully a number of people people said that the demonizing of butter was nonsense and almost all the comments on articles online are rallying against the proposal to ban butter. Hopefully the introduction to the Weston A. Price Foundation to these people provides a counterbalance to propaganda. Hopefully Doctors and the FSA understand that the London Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation will educate their staff next time they attempt to spread disinfo!

Philip Ridley

Philip Ridley

Philip Ridley is the Weston A. Price Chapter Leader for London, England. He is organizing the first Wise Traditions UK Conference ever held in Europe, in London on March 21st. See details on Meetup.com/westonaprice-london. Contact Philip at wisetraditions.uk at googlemail.com. Here is his recent blog about this butter flap.

Note from Kimberly: Here is the link to the news article that motivated Phil’s protest, notice the comments are overwhelmingly on the side of butter!

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