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A True Cause of Health Damage

by Gail Elbek, Follow me on Twitter: @soydamage

The true cause of physiological and neurological developmental damage is repeatedly proven to involve soy exposure to fetus during pregnancy, infant exposure to soy-based  formulas, as well as infant and child consumption of soy products.

The FDA has never approved soy phyto-estrogens as safe for fetus, infants, or children.

Phyto-Estrogens Cause Developmental Damage

Soy is a cause of autism because soy phyto-estrogens are proven to damage the development and function of several brain neurotransmitter systems.  Damage to one or more neurotransmitter systems are overwhelmingly documented to cause autism.
Soy, especially during most fragile developmental time-frame exposures damages the thymus and causes hypothyroidism known to cause any number of immune deficiency diseases. Interestingly, soy-damage to thyroid hormones is again proven to cause brain damaging effects.

Phytic Acid and Heavy Metals Are Damaging to Brain and Body

Soybeans have a “natural” phytic acid and heavy metal content known to cause an assortment of severe physiological as well as brain damaging effects.  These soy anti-nutrients are the cause of essential mineral deficiencies.

Soy Inhibits Enzymes Needed for Healthy Human Development

Soy is proven to damage essential enzymes by inhibiting: tyroisine kinase, trypsin, and topoismerase II that are critically necessary for normal physiological and neurological developmental health.

More than 700 published studies conclude that soy phyto-estrogens and anti-nutrients contribute to the cause of: asthma, allergies, gastrointestinal disease, thymus and thyroid damage, extensive reproductive disorders, gender chaos, liver, kidney, and pancreatic damage, diabetes, leukemia, cancers, metastasis, and more.  Besides physiological developmental damage, soy phyto-toxins are also published study reported to cause neurological disorders such as: autism, mental retardation, seizures, cerebral palsy, ADD and ADHD.

NIH Expert Confirms Soy Risk

CFSAN director Dr. Michael Shelby confirms that soy is an estrogenic “endocrine disruptor.”  Endocrine disruptors are poisons that damage every hormone system throughout the body and brain resulting in extensive adverse health effects resulting in massive levels of toxicity during most fragile fetal, infant, and child developmental exposures. Biologically, the human physiological and neurological systems can not adequately develop without proper hormone functions.

Soy is an “accumulative” endocrine disruptor, and when soy is mixed with other endocrine disruptors (pollutions, pesticides, plastics, etc) is of greatest threat for adverse health effects.

While Heavy Advertising Sells Soy, Our Government is Silent

The FDA Poisonous Plant Database confirms, “Soybean” and specific soy estrogenic isoflavones, “Genistein” and “Daidzein” on their list….. without public disclosure.

It is UNACCEPTABLE that the FDA does NOT publicly acknowledge overwhelming evidence that toxic soy adverse health effects are repeatedly proven due to developmental exposures.

While not a massive earthquake, it is the highest daily exposure levels to soy phyto-toxicity in the world that is causing a health crisis; sickness, pain and suffering among American children, American families.

How you Can Help Me Sound the Alarm

If you have a soy damage testimony, please write me an email, soyinfantdamage at

All of us can help sound the alarm. Please write a letter of protest and concern to:

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services

email: kathleen.sebelius at

Kristina Thayer, Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction

email:  thayer at

Gail Elbek
Investigative Researcher
CERHR meeting participant
Santa Barbara, CA

Gail Elbek, Soy Damage Expert

Gail Elbek, Soy Damage Expert

Gail Elbek is a citizen activist who is doing extensive research in government archives to uncover the truth about modern soy foods. She recently testified before an NIH toxicity panel reviewing soy infant formula, where she met Sally Fallon Morell of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), who also submitted testimony. Gail has since become a member of WAPF. Like Erin Brockovich, Gail is determined to speak truth to power and get our government to take action to defend the health of our citizens from the corporations who would profit at the expense of human health.

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