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Last week, while in Nashville, I had the privilege of meeting Peggy Webb, a frequent commenter on this blog. Due to flight cancellations because of the East Coast blizzard, I was held over in Nashville for a few days after the Blissdom blogging conference ended.

I happened to tweet the fact that I was still at the Opryland Hotel and having trouble getting home.

Peggy tweeted back and told me that she lived in the area, so the next morning she kindly came to take me out for coffee. I love twitter!

The first time I remember hearing from Peggy was last year, when she wrote me and asked how I had overcome my knee pain. This prompted the following blog article, Knee Pain Treatment Protocol Relies on Food, Supplements, Exercise.

I was amazed to hear how Peggy’s knee pain has vanished, by following the Weston A. Price diet. Here is her video testimony:

Peggy is quite an expert on home remedies, as she and her husband David are raising 6 children with natural health ideas and folk remedies. She is going to be helping with our Natural Cures blog carnival by guest blogging twice a month. She is already working on next Tuesday’s post. Meanwhile, please visit her blog, Local Nourishment.

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist and a volunteer chapter leader for Weston A. Price Foundation, a 501c3 nutrition education non-profit. She is a health conscious consumer and she and her husband have lost weight and regained their health through lifestyle changes. These new habits include: sourcing ingredients from local farms, cooking at home, and embarking upon a dedicated fitness regime at their local health club.

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