Butter Can Help You Lose Weight!?

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by Janice Curtin, Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader

In the November 2009 issue of Men’s Health a small article is titled FATTEN UP TO SLIM DOWN.  It says “You don’t have to go whole hog on a low-carb diet to see results.  Simply swapping in fat for a few hundred calories of carbs may help you lose weight and reduce your blood-insulin levels, according to researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  People in their study who consumed just 43 percent of their calories from carbohydrates felt fuller after 4 hours than those who ate 55 percent carbs.  “Carbs can cause blood-sugar levels to spike and then crash, leading to hunger and overeating”, says study author Barbara Gower, Ph.D.  Fat, on the other hand, keeps you satisfied longer.

Some easy swaps:  butter instead of jam on toast, bacon instead of potatoes, milk instead of a sport drink.

This is another sign that more people are realizing we must go back to our real whole foods that have nourished us for centuries, like butter, eggs, meat and whole milk.   In another magazine, the Fall 2009 Price-Pottenger Journal of Health and Healing, nutrition author Julia Ross says,  “Cholesterol is an extremely valuable nutrient.”  We need it for our adrenal glands to make hormones to cope with stress.  Our sex hormones are made from it and about a 25 percent of our brain is cholesterol.  Saturated fat, which contains cholesterol,  is the preferred fuel for the heart.  She says a cholesterol level of between 180 and 260 seems to be ideal.

Editors Note: Check out the Hartkeisonline.com Resources page for sources of healthy fats which are critical to add to your diet, for satiety, vitamins and minerals. For two long we have let the diet dictocrats convince us that fat is bad. It is time to change course!


Janice Curtin


Janice Curtin is a long-time member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Price-Pottenger Foundation.  Janice’s  philosophy is that to have good health and reduced health costs we must eat nutrient  dense farm food, digest and metabolize it well, and avoid toxins.   Our nutrition determines how our genes express. She grew up on an Iowa farm on a diet of real farm food and raw milk. She has a degree in Education from the University of Northern Iowa and a masters degree in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University.  She has worked in Legislative Affairs on Capitol Hill and at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  She is a WAPF volunteer chapter leader, coordinates nutrition talks, and is the coordinator for a farm buying club.  She also works with a TBM practitioner  (Total Body Modification) who uses a whole body approach to healing.

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  1. Hi my name is jhon and i found your article

    very interesting.

    more information

  2. Tremendous! How exciting that the fat is hitting the mainstream!
    .-= Local Nourishment´s last blog ..In Season: Burdock Root =-.

  3. I’m really surprised and glad to see that in Mens Health! Yeah for butter! I’ve been adding more fat to my diet lately, and losing my baby weight at a steady rate.
    .-= chanelle´s last blog ..3 ways to have real food on a busy night =-.

  4. Men’s Health has pleasantly surprised me before. A few years back they ran an article about type 2 diabetes in which they pointed out that you don’t have to be fat to get it–fat is only a symptom of impending diabetes in some people. As much as the disease hurts people, more of us need to be aware of this.

  5. Wow, this is awesome. No extremism, just add butter! I feel somewhere around 30-40% carbs is much more reasonable than the average diet, and it’s so much easier to get there if you add in some eggs and butter!
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Healing Naturally: Functional Medicine Versus Modern Pharmaceuticals =-.

  6. Men’s Health is much better on diet and health issues than any women’s magazine I can think of. This isn’t the first pro-fat article they’ve run. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Most things can be improved by the addition of butter, I think!

  7. This was definitely an interesting article. Butter to lose weight! I’ll be reading more about this and seeing how I can lose a bit more weight myself. Thanks for the great article.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Firm Butt – Getting Your Butt Firm updated Tue Jun 29 2010 7-22 pm CDT =-.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this article. I’ve recently lost 35 pounds and it was by watching what I ate (and the portions) and exercising every night after dinner.

    I’ll be telling my wife I can have butter again with my toast!
    .-= Santos´s last blog ..Fat Husband updated Fri Jul 2 2010 11-17 am CDT =-.

  9. I knew someday butter would come back as healthy. Thank you for the good news!



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