Meet the Milk Men: Scott Trautman, David Gumpert, Mark McAfee, Michael Schmidt, Max Kane (front)

Coming Soon, Milk Men, the Movie

Max Kane entered his deposition last Thursday, and presented the gathered attorneys from the Justice Department, The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection with a motion for release he had just filed. Then, as quickly as he entered, he walked out of the room. He is awaiting an appeal, and by filing this motion, he enacted his legal rights to ask for a stay of the judges order for him to reveal the identities of farmers and consumers who participate in the private buying club Belle’s Lunchbox.

Citizen Kane is standing against the system of laws and regulations, that interfere with direct trade among friends, neighbors, countrymen.  He is standing for the right to privacy, the right to opt out of the conventional food supply and go your own way. Trading, bartering, deciding what is right for you and your family, your farmer and his family, all of these are inalienable rights that we are losing in modern America.

Kane is also making a film of his journey towards food freedom, and just this weekend he released the trailer. Max filmed his cross country bike ride powered by raw milk, he filmed interviews at the Weston A. Price Conference last fall in Chicago, he filmed the recent public hearing in Wisconsin, and each of his encounters with the judicial system. The film is called Milk Men. This trailer brought tears to my eyes.

Men, real men, will stand up and be counted. Mark McAfee, Michael Schmidt, Dave Gumpert, Scott Trautman and Max Kane are such men. I am proud to know them. Right will always prevail against might. It just may take a while. And that is why I blog.

Kimberly Hartke is a homemaker with a passionate interest in restoring food freedom and direct trade between farmers and consumers. She is a volunteer chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation, and serves as the organization’s publicist.