Adding Olive Oil to the Spice Mixture

How to Make a Wet Rub for Seasoning Pork

by Stanley Fishman, Author and Blogger Tender Grassfed Meat

with Photos (and recipe testing) by Kimberly Hartke

Modern pork needs help, it really does. The pork industry has been breeding and feeding the life-giving fat out of this meat for many years. Pork fat is what gave pork its flavor and made it tender. The result is that even organic modern pork lacks flavor, and can easily become dry, tough, and tasteless.


Wet Pork Rub Ingredients

Dry rubs are mixtures of spices that can really enhance the taste of pork. Dry rubs are used extensively in old style American barbecue. I used to use them every time I made pork. Unfortunately, the main ingredients of these rubs are factory salt and sugar, two substances I now avoid. This meant that I had to come up with a substitute. The substitute turned out to be even better.

I like traditional flavor combinations because they have stood the test of time. These combinations are always delicious. The Italians have been combining rosemary, garlic, and salt for over 2000 years, starting with the Romans. These flavors are traditional with pork, so I decided to use them as the base of the rub.

The ancient Romans most certainly did not use modern factory salt, which has been stripped of its minerals and processed with chemicals. I decided to use Celtic Sea Salt, a traditional unprocessed salt from France, which is 82.5% salt and 17.5% minerals. This salt has a wonderful flavor, and provides many trace minerals.

It is important to use only organic (or the equivalent) rosemary and garlic, as they have more flavor and nutrients.


Pork Chops with Italian Wet Rub Ready to Chill

I also added organic black pepper, a favorite spice in Italy since Roman times. I added unfiltered, organic, extra virgin olive oil to bind the flavors together, and to make the spices stick to the meat. However, adding the olive oil changed the mixture from a dry rub to a wet one. No matter, this wet rub gives a wonderful flavor to pork, while enhancing tenderness.

You can smear this wet rub on pork chops, ribs, or pork roast overnight. The flavors will penetrate the meat, and give it a wonderful taste, while enhancing tenderness.

I ‘ve been experimenting with this, and it gives great flavor to pork. This is ideal for pork chops or roast, and would even give a fine flavor to bacon.

Italian Rub

2 teaspoons coarse Celtic sea salt, crushed.
1 teaspoon organic black pepper,  freshly ground.
2 sprigs fresh organic rosemary, leaves only, very finely chopped.
4 cloves organic garlic, very finely chopped.
2 tablespoons organic, unfiltered, extra virgin olive oil.

Combine all ingredients. Spread a light coating over Pork chops, or Pork roast, or unseasoned, uncured bacon, and refrigerate overnight.


Italian Pork Chop is Unbelievably Flavorful

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