Raw Milk Symposium

Second Annual Raw Milk Symposium - April 10, 2010 - Madison, WI

Your Bid for a Safer, Saner Food Policy

by Kimberly Hartke, Publicist Weston A. Price Foundation

I am very excited about attending the upcoming raw milk symposium. Two years ago, right after the Mark Nolt raid, Susan Blasko and I traveled to the Raw Milk Forum in Pennsylvania. Susan and I didn’t know each other, and met for the first time when I picked her up for the trip. We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast inn, which was decorated with vintage dairy advertising that sold the idea of pasteurization, an irony that was not lost on us.

When we attended the forum, she had only recently started buying farm fresh foods. A two-time cancer patient, the Weston A. Price diet gave Susan hope that she could regain her health. Susan brought her laptop to the forum, and took copious notes. It was an event that for both of us, was a catalyst for getting more deeply involved in creating a better food future.


Susan Blasko

On the way home, Susan and I stopped at the sight of a group of cows on lush green fields. The cows were so beautiful, healthy and strong. We both marveled at them. Cows raised on pasture are truly the ideal.

Susan is now a WAPF Chapter leader, and wrote a story for this blog which was linked to by Huffington Post, Prison Food, the Grassfed Model. She also is organizing classes, movie screenings and other events to bring these food freedom and food safety issues to more in our community. Her activism is now reaching thousands.

Why You Need to Support the Raw Milk Symposium

There is an alternative view of the farming universe and food safety. That view says the only safe food is food raised in quarantine. According to a farmer I spoke with recently, “the government wants cows raised in barns, on concrete.” Our food safety czars think all food must be sterilized to be safe, and packaged in hermetically sealed containers.

This modernistic, germ phobic view is actually at the root of all our food safety woes. The grassfed farmers pose the antidote to the industrial model. At the forefront are the grass based dairy farms. But, being an artisan farming method, it needs patronage and protection.

The Raw Milk Symposium is being held in Wisconsin, because of the current hostile regulatory climate that threatens the livelihood of these heritage producers. This time, it’s farmers like Scott Trautman that are inspiring this forum. It is an education and outreach effort to try and bring reason to the decisions being made on raw milk policy.

But, we all have a stake in this, no matter where we live. To keep America a free country, citizens need to exercise our freedom of speech. We need to educate ourselves so that we can effectively speak out and organize in our community for greater access to farm fresh foods. Please consider attending the symposium to equip yourselves to do so.

Here is the Press Release about the raw milk symposium. Here is the official site for the rawmilksymposium.org.

Many farmers have been hurt financially by regulatory actions against them. They are finding it difficult to afford to come to this event. If you can’t attend, this is a wonderful way to contribute to the success of the symposium. A scholarship fund has been set up to help these farmers attend.

The donation link is on the registration page, at the bottom.

Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for realmilk.com and westonaprice.org.


  1. Lovin’ My Farmers –
    I’m trying to understand the off-hand way that many consumers treat farmers they encounter. Instead of treating them as a precious resource to be honored and cherished, I saw people this weekend that used a farm as an “entertainment” destination, and opportunity for free food. I believe that farmer need to be supported with everything I have available to me…money, time, love, energy, words and protection. I protect my farmers, and they support, love and nourish me. How can we ever repay people who grow and raise food that will become part of our bodies, our lives, our consciousness?

  2. Susan Blasko says:

    Hi, Kimberly!
    Thanks for keeping the word fresh in people’s mind. That was a special weekend in Pennsylvania. I learned so much information that just isn’t available in the mainstream health and nutrition news. I’ll be watching for your updates from Madison. Tell the farmers there we’re rooting for them! Never give up! Wish I could be there…

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