Parsnips and Leeks Sauteed in Ghee

Despite my husband’s raised eyebrow, I bought a handful of parsnips last week at the Maple Avenue Market, a wonderful new local foods market in Vienna, VA. Keith is always leery of vegetables he has never heard of, but I assured him he would be fine with the parsnips. Here is a recipe that I came up with, easy and very tasty. It won Keith over to the parsnips camp!

Parsnips and Leeks

Serves 2

1 parsnip, cut into slices
1 fresh leek, cut into thin slices
2 teaspoons Pure Indian Foods Ghee–Herbes de Provence flavor

Melt ghee (which is clarified butter) in large frying pan. Add sliced parsnips and leeks. Saute over med. low heat until parsnips are cooked through, turning frequently. The parsnips may be slightly browned on the edges. Serve as a side accompaniment to your meat dish.


Italian Pork Chop with a Side of Parsnips & Leeks

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