Letter in Support of Vernon Hershberger


Vernon Hershberger's Privacy Rights and Right to Contract Under Seige

by Guest Blogger, Jack Moore

Jack sent this letter to Wisconsin District Attorney and the media. This is a great example of a courteous letter of support for the rights of American citizens to private contracts which aim to opt out of government regulations and state or federal protection. Please take the time to write a letter of your own. The addresses to email your letter are at the bottom of this post.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing in support of Wisconsin food and dairy laws to protect consumer health and safety.  From what I have read, large-scale meat and dairy operations can be very unsanitary and farmers are often under pressure to make ends meet by cutting corners in ways that can jeopardize the public.  Consumers typically have no idea where their food comes from and need protection.

Vernon and Erma Hershberger of Grazin’ Acres do not have such an operation.  Their buying club involves knowledgeable consumers who have made the conscious and logical decision to buy from the Hershbergers, even to the point of paying premium prices for products deemed far more nutritious than can be obtained from the mainstream, supermarket sources.

We believe in the Hershberger’s commitment to sustainable agriculture.  They should be applauded for their stewardship and care with which they run their operation.

Our nation’s food supply is badly degraded and leading to ever-higher incidences of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.  It is farmers like the Hershbergers who are part of the solution to this enormously distressing trend of the past 50 years.

We consumers who seek alternative sources for quality food should not be denied our right to buy direct from farmers of our own choosing.

Public health and safety officials are faced with tough choices as to how best to apply limited resources to the seemingly limitless needs for enforcement action.  The Hershberger’s may not be in compliance with state laws and regulations, but there is no evidence of public injury or victimization as a result of their buying club of discerning consumers.  Aren’t there more important threats to public health and safety that you can be fighting with your available resources?

Thank you for your consideration.


Jack Moore

Jack is a 4th generation member of the Benjamin Moore Paints family. He is
a speaker and retreat leader for American family businesses and lives in
Reston, Virginia.

For more information about this farmer’s plight see Journal of Whole Food and Nutrition.

Please join Jack in standing up for farmer Vernon Hershberger and his private club members. Send your letters to:

District Attorney: patricia.barrett@da.wi.gov

Sheriff: rstammen@co.sauk.wi.us








Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for Weston A. Price Foundation and The Campaign for Real Milk.


  1. I love this post. just enough to make me email every single contact that you posted with my own letter.


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