Government Has Failed to Halt Epidemic of Obesity and Diabetes


Low Fat High Carb Diet

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Claims Scientist in Testimony before 2010 Public Hearing on Dietary Guidelines

by Dr. Richard Feinman, Nutrition and Metabolism Society
I am Professor of Cell Biology at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center.

I am speaking for myself, for the Nutrition & Metabolism Society, and I think for many Americans who find little guidance in the recommendations of of the Dietary Guidelines Committee or other government and private health agencies.  The previous guidelines have failed to halt the epidemic of obesity and diabetes.  In addition, recent data and re-evaluation of old data point in the opposite direction to the guidelines.  For example, the supposed dangers of saturated fat, if they exist at all, have only been measured in the presence of high carbohydrate.  A high fat diet in the presence of high carbohydrate is very different than a high fat diet in its absence .  Recommendations to further lower saturated fat recommendations are not justified by the data.

The committees is to be commended for taking public comments but there is little to suggest they will be seriously considered.  Overall, the deliberations have not  addressed the public’s needs or the recent science.

The Nutrition & Metabolism society invites any or all of the committee members to an open debate on the issues raised in the DGAC and to which the media will also be invited.  The Society will provide funding and make all arrangements and we would encourage the committee to meet with us to discuss ground rules and topics.  We feel sure that the country can only benefit from a truly open discussion.


Dr. Richard Feinman

Richard David Feinman, Ph.D.  is a Professor of Cell Biology at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. He serves as a Scientific Advisor to the Metabolism Society board.  Richard leads the coalition, Committee for a Healthy Nation, whose mission is to bring to the fore, science being neglected in our nation’s food policy.

See Hartke is Online’s recent report on the Committee for a Healthy Nation, which includes a Fox News Interview with Dr. Feinman.

Yesterday’s post was testimony from a Low Carb Research scientist, Jeff Volek, USDA Low Fat, High Carb Plan Doesn’t Work for Many.

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  1. The Dietary Guidelines Committee (DGAC) report has many references to “evidence-based” methods while presenting little of that evidence and ignoring all conflicting evidence. With remarkable candor as to how far from reasonable behavior the guidelines are, the “DGAC recognizes that substantial barriers make it difficult for Americans to accomplish these goals.” They recognize, as well, that it will take “more than individual behavior change.” The 2010 committee now focuses on ways to enforce their prescriptions and “strongly recommends that USDA and HHS convene appropriate committees, potentially through the Institute of Medicine (IOM), to develop strategic plans focusing on the actions needed to successfully implement key 2010 DGAC recommendations.” Presumably these agencies will be able to tax, regulate food, insert themselves into the public schools if not actually being endowed with police powers.

  2. Very good post, Richard and your comment. Once the interagency/corporate partnership diet food plans and agreements are implemented– I am sure HHS/CDC will be included for the school health, psychology and vaccination clinics–with Big Pharma dispensing the experimental drugs with the full cooperation with WHO and UNESCO.

  3. Very good positive initiative Dr Feinman and I hope the committee members will make use of your invitation. I already wrote some posts like and in which I try to provoke governments and other relevant organisations. Keep up the good work, this ship must be turned.
    .-= hans keer´s last blog ..Fructose is making you sick =-.


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