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Dear Senators, and my Fellow Citizens, We Need to Chat About Food Safety

by Leslie Goldman, Guest Blogger

I, and many Americans right now,
are very concerned about the future
of food as medicine.

#S510 is being considered now in the Senate.

100 Senators are determining the fate of our food as medicine,
food to do what it can,
what it is intended to do to give us the
nutrient dense capacity to root our dreams.

From an organic beet’s point of view,
there is something Divine in food,
Our Senators, many of them, are about to potentially
give a knock out blow, to take “American The Beautiful”
a few steps backward rather than forward.

Shift has happened. We are called to harmonize
with the beat of nature, rather than set out
to harmonize US law with international trade agreements
that do not have consumers health at the heart of them.

I can only say “ouch!” after watching what
I would have to call theatrics on the floor
of U.S. Senate yesterday November 18,
as some of the opening arguments for
#S10, The Food Safety Modernization Act, were
near tearfully cried.

Senators who spoke, Harkin and Durbin,
gave good ideas and pointed out important details,
but from the viewpoint of what needs to be heard about real food safety,
they fell short. Senator Harkin, pleaded for setting aside politics on this bi-partisan measure. He cried out to let him and others senators go home and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday. He asked us all to feel the grief of empty chairs in the hearts of those who have suffered so dearly from our contaminated food system.

I did not hear enough the full rounded arguments
thus far that I would expect of intelligent national leadership.

The closest I heard to honest to gosh truth came
from Senators Tester of Montana, who got through
in part an amendment to protect our farmers
from the potential harm that FDA agents can cause
through enforcing over regulation. These FDA agents,
even without more regulation, are already busting
little farmers who want nothing more than to feed
people they know and our nation, real food safety
grounded in providing Food as Medicine.

I heard Senator Feinstein clearly point a finger
at the Chemical Industry, November 17. They would not even allow
innocent babies to be protected from the dangerous
synthetic hormone disrupter called BPA
that is so prevalent in our cans, plastic bottles,
and throughout our daily lives at the supermarket.

I once spent a week in Sacramento’s capital building
inside the lines of security guards. I had my own desk
in the office of John Vasconcellos, who has initiated
a national movement called The Politics of Trust.

I do not Trust the honesty of what I saw yesterday
from lead U.S. Senators Tom Harkin and Dick Durbin.
I applaud Senator Coburn for putting a monkey wrench
into the process. He wants to slow things down.
Even, then, I am not sure of the truth of all the arguments
that Senators used to build up the case for passage
of this bill swiftly and without further delay.

That is my position, We need to Chew on Food Safety:
A National Conversation is Needed.
We really need to chew slowly on this
that we might stop the bellyache that our truly
contaminated industrial, and to some lesser extent,
commercial organic spinach growers may have caused.

There is not one of us who as Senator Harkin was saying,
almost in what appeared tears, who would not pray
for all the lost children and adults who have died
as a result of our contaminated Food Supply.

We all need to join together in a national moment
of sadness for innocence that has been taken from us,
dreams unfulfilled, but the passage of #S510 even with
the inclusion of protection for local farmers, still does not go far enough
to protect food and let it be the medicine it wants to be.

I invite our 100 senators to our local Hillcrest Farmers Market
in San Diego, 9 am to 2 pm each Sunday at our DMV.
Come out in person or visit through videos that the
emerging Campaign to Educate Washington will produce
in the next year. Eat this before you do further damage
to our broken food system.

Come meet local farmers.
Feel what integrity is about.
Wash out and dilute some of the GMO foods perhaps
that need to be removed from your bodies and heads.

I mean no disrespect but I, and many Americans
want true justice here.

I want you to meet Dennis Stowell, a man
who reached out to help his neighbors when acres burned.
Dennis is more concerned with nutrition per acre than
profit per acre in the tomatoes and luscious yellow
and orange watermelons he grows.

I want you to meet Steven L White, who struggles on a week
to week basis to sell locally grown tree ripened oranges
that could never make it into our commercial food system
or supermarkets because they have blemishes where
a natural bug bite here or there may have shared in the bounty.
It is for Senators and kids down at the Shopping Mall
to learn that it is the Ugly Orange often that is the sweetest,
or that beauty is an inside job.

Talk to Steven who
tells me that in San Diego we have more inspectors
already visiting his farm than his workers.
Ask him why he had so much sarcasm against
the bureaucrats who fill his day with red tape.
Believe me, his fruit does not lie. It is already regulated
as much as it needs to by customers who return week
after week to taste the sweetness of life fully lived.

I want our US Senators to come and meet Phil Noble,
who has within his capacity the ability to feed more that
1000 more people who need the will power
and stamina to ground intentions, and drink from
the vegetables fed by a pure water well that go 1000 feet
down. I want the senators to take lean beef grown
from cows that are contented and treated with the self
respect we owe all species.

Too often, Phil Noble suffers loss of income due
to playing by the rules of nature and avoiding pesticides
that harm. Farmers like Phil need the subsidies for
protecting our true homeland earth based national
security. It is not Big Ag that deserves to be underwritten
in our Farm Bill.

Do the senators, who support pesticide use
on the farm, know that chemicals can harm?
Are they willing to stand up to the industries that are harming
and stealing our future? Are they willing to stand
up from true research before allowing the FDA to
enforce regulations that are already killing us
with Aspartame, BPA, and GMO Salmon to further
assault our ocean life?

Then, we come to the crux of the issue, farmers such
as Joe Rodriguez Jr. who once had compost piles as
high as the largest of industrial tractors. Farmers
such as Joe the Farmer are more
and more prevented from doing what nature asks
on the farm, to have a family cow.

Senators, please, discover the Bank of Compost
this very moment. Stop stealing from Nature what
is not yours to take, the Wheel of Health–our left overs
that need to come back and return again to soil.

Lastly, I point out the case of Barry Logan, who for seven
years had the La Milpa Organica Farm, but no longer farms.
Barry stood in the tradition of the remaining 15 percent of
our world’s population who still micro-farm, little people
in China who take every single plot of empty ground
and grow food, indigenous proud peoples of the world
that are harmed on a daily basis by poisoned seeds
and attempts to make real estate
out of the gene supply that belongs to all of us.

Send the FDA to the Farm, yes. Have
our federal agents, and our food Czar, Michael
R. Taylor discover that it is the human impulse
inside us that asks us to grow our own food,
No law, no regulations in the eyes of God or man
are allowed to take this Human Right from us.

The FDA and our Senators need to give about $500,000 in grants
to Barry Logan, not prosecute him as a breaker of laws
that do not stand up in the court of nature.

Why is it there was no shortage of bees at La Milpa Organica Farm?
Why on the large scale contaminated farms are bees dying everywhere?

I love our nation. We love our nation.

We deeply feel and suffer the harm, as Senator Harkin cried out
of innocence lost and kids and adults who will be absent
from Thanksgiving tables because they could not trust
our food supply or supply chain;
but it is not our right to take away raw butter and raw cheeses
that in the hands of the educated consumer, and trained student
of nature, do not injure, but more so bring life and health.

The Senators are having their day on CPAN-2.

Senator Durbin said that 87% of us support the passage
of #S510. What of US other 13%? We want our day on C-SPAN
as well. We want our side of the story told of ages and eons
of people who have turned to natural ways
to improve our health and return inherent healing to us.

Let us speak before the Senate.
Let Real Food, and Real Food Safety have its day to be heard,
before we give the adulterated FDA more power over the future
of innocence.


Leslie Goldman and His Sidekick Beet Plant

Leslie Goldman publishes commentary on Cure Zone, and recently had a post on S510 reprinted by Huffingon Post, Chewing on Food Safety: a National Conversation is Needed. Show here with his constant companion is Keep the Beet Media Star, the Worlds First Talking beet plant.
Her mission is to help us all turn our beat around with nature through planting a beet in a pot.
Keep the Beet. Eat the Greens, sez Keep the Beet.

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Note from Kimberly:  I thank Leslie very much for submitting this commentary to Hartke is Online! on the date this bill may be considered by the U.S. Senate. Please everyone, contact your Senator and express your grave concern over the impact this bill will have on the local foods and farmers you love. We need to create a zone of protection for the start-up farms, homesteaders and traditional farms that are not the source of the food safety ills. This post will be added to our blog menu, Food Safety Bill Opinion Editorials page, for future reference.