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The latest headlines say the US. is planning to reduce fluoride in drinking water because of health concerns.  But, those same reports continue to praise fluoride and hail its great success in reducing tooth decay in the US. In reality, most cavities occur on pits and fissures of the teeth and the Centers for Disease Control admits that fluoride is not effective in preventing these cavities.  Experts have calculated that in the end, for most children, fluoride prevents cavities on ONE tooth surface.

Aliss Terpstra grew up in Grand Rapids, the first US community to be fluoridated.

Meet a Fluoride Poisoning Survivor Part 2 of 4

The Great Fluoride Experiment at Grand Rapids

By Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, with contributions by Aliss Terpstra, CN

The city officials of Grand Rapids in the 1940s had no idea that fluoridation chemicals were toxic industrial waste contaminated with lead and arsenic. They had been reassured that fluoridation was just the “adjustment” of natural fluoride levels. The US Public Health Department, headed by the “father of fluoridation,” H. Trendley Dean, had examined the teeth of children drinking water with high natural fluoride and then approved what was supposed to be a 15 to 20 year study of artificial fluoridation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The teeth of 30,000 school children were to be monitored up to adulthood, to show the American public that water fluoridation was safe and effective in preventing tooth decay.

According to Aliss Terpstra, now an anti-fluoride activist and survivor of the Grand Rapids study, the dental health results at Grand Rapids were quite different than what Dean had announced. The children in the cohort born after 1945 and exposed to fluoride from birth had fewer erupted permanent teeth, but more cavities and more dental fluorosis at age 7 than children born ten years earlier and not exposed before age 5, so the study was simply stopped. The Muskegon children born and raised without extra fluoride actually had better teeth. This information was removed from the study when it was published.

Under Oath The Truth Comes Out

When Dean’s early research on children drinking water with natural high fluoride was examined years later, it was found that he had “cherry-picked” his data from 21 cities, ignoring the data from 272 other communities that showed no benefit at all, in order to convince the authorities to “hurry up” their approval of the Grand Rapids experiment. Sometime later he admitted in court and under oath, that his data were not valid.

Grand Rapids started fluoridation in January of 1945 with great fanfare. The un-fluoridated control group was the neighboring town of Muskegon. The study intended to run for twenty years was terminated after barely five. Dean, now the dental director of National Institutes of Health, declared it a rousing success because decay rates in Grand Rapids children fell by 60%. At that time, Dean’s findings were considered wonderful news – to be free from dental decay at last, with a low-cost public health program! However, dental decay rates dropped everywhere after World War II – linked to the rise in average income that allowed the purchase of refrigerators, fresher foods and paying the dentist, not fluoride in water.

The small groups of nine to twelve year old children with reduced decay attributed to fluoridation were five years younger when fluoridation began – their permanent teeth were already starting to come in. The first group examined before 1945 was large and random; the follow up groups examined five years later were selected in advance based on gender (mostly boys), visibly normal front teeth, and school district (more affluent) – so much for blind, large random sampling required for good science!

Muskegon had quietly begun both oral fluoride rinse programs and fluoridation – invalidating it as a control. The dental health of Grand Rapids children born after 1947 – after only three years of the trial – was not followed up. The increase in pre-term births, anemia and miscarriages among young mothers was ignored. The increase in deaths from heart disease and cancers in middle aged adults, and shorter average lifespan of seniors, was hidden for years.

Public Health Program is Rolled Out Based on Flawed Study

On the basis of this one incomplete and scientifically fraudulent study, the United States was on its way to fluoridation. No other studies have been completed by the government, and the Public Health Service today continues to actively promote fluoride and liberally offers grants to communities who want to put in expensive fluoridation equipment. Yet long term consumption of fluoridated water has never been proven safe. Fluoridation really was a “shot in the dark”.

Aliss continues to work to educate consumers about fluoride, especially young families. She is angry because her parents’ generation was duped, and their children used experimentally by government officials who simply ignored the harm in order to promote fluoridation that now affects over 250 million Americans and Canadians. “On the basis of denying the harm done to us, the babies and children of Grand Rapids with no choice in the matter, they made false claims that water fluoridation was safe and even essential. It was fraud.”

Fluoride Researchers Still Fight to Get the Truth Out

That is the status of fluoridation research even today. In fact, every US researcher who has attempted to present their work about the detrimental health effects of fluoridation has been ostracized. Harvard University has participated in this cover-up. Even the National Library of Medicine will not index articles from the journal, Fluoride, in their listing, called Index Medicus and Public Health Reports.

But the question remains: if the reason that the government puts fluoride in the water is to prevent tooth decay in children, and fluoride in the water is harmful and not effective – as the very first Grand Rapids victims can attest – why is the government still promoting it?


Aliss Terpstra and Sylvia Onusic

Sylvia P. Onusic holds a BS in foods and nutrition, and a PhD in Health Education and Wellness, and has completed studies to qualify for RD (Registered Dietitian). She was a home economics teacher for many years. Her concentration is in holistic nutrition with a focus on the evolution of food and the human body in relation to food allergies and disease. Sylvia is the mother of two teenage sons, one on whom has celiac disease. She has several food allergies as well.


Aliss Terpstra

Aliss Terpstra, the subject of this story, contributed to and edited this article. Today, she is a nutritionist (CNP) and member of Weston A. Price Foundation in Toronto teaching clients how to find real food, prepare it and eat it to improve health.

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