BBC to Air The Food Show on Raw Milk


Shouldn't Everyone Have a Choice to Choose Unprocessed, Fresh Milk?


by Phil Ridley, Volunteer Weston A. Price Chapter Leader, London, England

I’m excited to say that BBC’s The Food Program is covering the issue of raw milk. I’ve had the privilege of being contacted by the producer, who has been speaking to various people about raw milk, to prepare for this program, and she has received a copy of “The Untold Story of Milk” by Ron Schmid.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride was interviewed and provides medical justification for raw milk. Sheila Dillon also visited Hook and Son, so this promises to be a program not to miss and, one to share with friends and family who are sitting on the fence. I’d imagine that the BBC will give both sides of the story, and its a shame that raw milk isn’t mentioned in the program title, so its hard to know what conclusions the show will reach. But I’ve been assured that raw milk is being covered and will receive a fair go.

This show will be a must watch for all your friends and family sitting on the fence, who think raw milk is a kooky fad to be avoided, because here is the headline, RAW MILK GOES MAINSTREAM!!

Show Airs:

Sunday 13 February – 12.32 GMT
Monday 14 February – 16.00 GMT

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Philip Ridley Campaigning for Real Butter

Philip Ridley is the Weston A. Price Chapter Leader for London, England. He is the organizer of the second annual Wise Traditions UK Conference to be held in London on March 26, 2011. You might recall his successful protest of a surgeon’s attempt to ban butter in the United Kingdom. Here is his blog about his one man pro-butter crusade.

If you live in the UK and would like to get involved in Phil’s efforts on behalf of real food, join him and his fellow Weston A. Price members on Contact Philip at

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  1. You go, Philip!! We all will definitely be watching this Valentine’s Day special! What could be a better holiday connected with this amazing food: a healthy diet for a healthy heart!! Raw milk IS going mainstream….for real!

  2. Way to go, Philip! Valentine’s Day is such a great time to be airing this show! A healthy diet for a healthy heart! Raw milk IS definitely going mainstream. All the hard work done by everyone who has tried to spread the word about this amazing food is finally paying off! Off the charts coo,l people!!

  3. Philip Ridley says:

    Here is the podcast, for free download:

    It was very fair and balanced, featuring Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and Steven Hook. Dr Natasha slipped in the key issue, that raw milk is often tolerated by those suffering lactose intolerance and filtered, skimmed, homogenized and standardized Cravendale got a bashing from Sheila Dillon. One of the interviewees tried to demonize saturated fats but when questioned he had to admit that there was no evidence that fats in milk cause heart disease.

    I was excited to hear that Hook and Son will soon be distributing raw milk to vending machines. This will be a step change in raw milk availability for the UK.

    Of course, the film about Steve Hook, The Moo Man, is being previewed at Wise Traditions London, Saturday March 26:


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