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Creative Commons License photo credit: AlexYo1968

My Valentine’s Day Message

by Guest Blogger, Leslie Goldman

I am writing this in honor of Valentine’s Day,

a day of love, and all the other 365 days when

love in our world asks to be remembered.

There is a great need now, to love what sustains us,

to love Nature’s Original Technology.

The technology that makes dreams possible

is seeds. Seeds are the foundation of Nature’s Original Technology.

If you take a seed and give it what it needs,

love in the form of good soil, air, water, and sunshine

you can grow a human being out of a seed that has

the capacity to co-create a whole new world.

I call the our renewed world the Enchanted Garden.

The Enchanted Garden is a name for our renewed earth

that is born through enough us us making the most of our seeds.

Today, there are forces in the world who do not understand

that there is a Divine Plan behind seeds. It is not O.K. to take seeds

and Genetically Modify them.

Science has its limits; God, or whatever you want to call the life force

that inspires seeds to grow, has a bigger idea.




Leslie Goldman and His Sidekick Beet Plant

Leslie Goldman publishes commentary on Cure Zone, and recently had a post on the Food Safety Modernization Act, S 510 reprinted by Huffington Post, Chewing on Food Safety: a National Conversation is Needed. Show here with his constant companion is Keep the Beet Media Star, the Worlds First Talking beet plant. Her mission is to help us all turn our beat around with nature through planting a beet in a pot. Keep the Beet. Eat the Greens, sez Keep the Beet.