You Can Make a Healthy Version of Ketchup and Fries!

by Kimberly Hartke

Creative Commons License photo credit: naotakem

Here are some cool videos that have recipes for just that! A healthier version of these much maligned fast foods!

Just last night I was telling Keith how as a teenager I would always order french fries, ketchup and a coke when I went out to Hot Shoppes with my friends. Little did I know I was not just having a little snack while my pals had a full meal, but I was overdosing on carbs and sending my blood sugar sky high. Oh, if only I knew in high school, what I know now!

Then, I find out today that Jenny McGruther’s new online class has promotional videos for french fries and ketchup, only they are both fermented! This means the sugars are pre-digested, and I bet they are a lot healthier for you.

Keith and I eat a lot of our carbs now in fermented form, sourdough bread, fermented pickles, sauerkraut (which is fermented cabbage), soaked wheat pancakes, clabbered waffles and soaked spelt crackers, etc. To maintain our desired weight, we try to eat low on the glycemic totem pole, and find that fermented carbs are the way to go!

If you have yet to dive in to the fermented food pool, now is your chance. It’s not too late to sign up for the Nourished Kitchen e-course on fermented foods! The price goes up to $199.00 on March 1st, so sign up today and save $50.00!

French Fries:

Ketchup Recipe:

Sign up for Jenny’s e-course here: Get Cultured! How to Ferment Anything.

Here is the Lessons Detail page so you can see what you will learn!

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