Nothing Beats a Steaming Cup of Ham and Bean Soup on a Cold Winter Day

by Guest Blogger, Jeff Schreibman, Reston Tech Wiz

I helped Kimberly design the Hartkeisonline.com blog and have become a regular reader, especially now that Hartkeisonline.com is optimized for reading on a cell phone! Here is my recipe that WOWed my family and friends last night!

Forest Fed Ham & Bean Soup


1 meaty ham bone sourced from a local farmer
2 cans kidney beans
1 bag of carrots
4 onions
8 cubes vegetable bullion
8 cups of water (or, replace bullion and water with chicken stock)
2 green peppers
4 potatoes
2 cups cubed ham (optional)

Chop up all vegetables and add to the slow cooker along with a meaty ham bone and optionally extra 2 cups of ham cubes (if you REALLY like ham like we do).  Dissolve the bullion cubes in 8 cups of water (or use stock) and add to the slow cooker.  Set the slow cooker on high and let it heat all the way up until the soup is simmering, then lower the heat to low.  Let cook on low for 2-4 hours depending on desired tenderness of the ham.  Serve with a big dollop of sour cream and a slice of italian bread. Enjoy!

I bought the ham from a Virginia farmer, visit his website at forestfed.com

As much as I have helped Kimberly in the past three years with the growth of hartkeisonline.com, she has helped me way more become aware of the importance of making conscious and educated decisions about the nutritional values of the foods we eat. The choices are really easy once you are aware of the facts. I’m careful now to NOT let the food companies marketing departments make these decisions for me or push me in a direction that benefits THEM not ME.”

Jeff Schreibman is the owner of Reston Tech Wiz. He is the designer and search engine optimization expert for Hartkeisonline.com.